Food, shelter, medical services, child care, education and vocational training.

Change the lives of people in garbage dump communities worldwide. Guide them from the horrors of despair to a life of dignity.

Get ready to learn. Get ready to connect. Get ready to care. Get ready to grow.

Spend one week in a developing country on an International Samaritan Service Experience. Help the poorest people in the world escape the garbage dump communities they live in. Work with a team of students.

I’ll never forget my week in Guatemala with International Samaritan

The trip to Guatemala I took with International Samaritan was life changing. I thought the trip was going to be about painting schools, or building houses. We did that. But it was so much more. It was… life changing. I’ll never forget it.

Mathew, International Samaritan volunteer class of 2015

“I’m the first of my family to be able to go to school. My mother has been working in the garbage dump her whole life. It is not enough to survive. We often had to eat what we found among the trash. International Samaritan helped us so I could go to school. With my education I want to help my whole family escape the despair of poverty.”