100% of all donations made to International Samaritan go to those we serve around the world.

Because of the generosity and planning of our supporters and leadership over the past 25 years, all of our overhead, administrative, and outreach costs are covered by our endowment. We guarantee that every dollar donated to International Samaritan goes directly to serving those in need. To learn more about all the programs we offer, visit our programs page.

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$100 will keep a family safe for a whole month.

Those we serve are having to choose between being exposed to COVID-19 if they go to work or imminent starvation if they don’t.  Our relief fund is to keep them from having to go to work in the dump for a full month, which costs $100 per family.

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Donate to Scholarships

Donate to the Step by Step scholarship program, supporting more than 700 students around the world ranging from elementary age through university.

Donate to the General Fund

Support all of International Samaritan’s programs, including scholarships, health & wellness initiatives, capital investments, clean water solutions, and more.

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COMMITMENT TO excellent service.

We have worked hard to meet the benchmarks to assure you that you’re investing in an organization that truly goes above and beyond. Click on the images below to view the confirmations for each of our listed awards.

United Nations

International Samaritan was granted consultative status with the United Nations in 2011: This status was renewed in 2019.

About Us

International Samaritan is a nonprofit organization with the designation 501(c)(3). Our headquarters is located in Ann Arbor Michigan.

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