Join Us in the Sandbox.

The LSG program was born from issues that arose during the COVID crisis, and will continue to grow and become better as the world settles into a normal. We’re excited to enter this new phase of our programming, and we want you, our partners, to be a part of it! Volunteer to be part of this “sandbox” phase our program and have a direct say on what the official programming for International Samaritan looks like in years to come.

Our Duty to Serve Lasts more than a Single Week Abroad.

International Samaritan wants to help cultivate a heart of service in all of our partners. That’s why, beginning in 2020, we’re asking all of our partners to join us for LEARN. SERVE. GROW. (or LSG for short), a brand new curriculum dedicated to taking service and partnership to new heights. Learn about the elements of LSG below.

We want both our scholars and our partners in the United States to be able to grow through their relationship with each other. That is why International Samaritan is adding LEARN, a way for partners to learn in-depth about garbage dump communities and extreme poverty — and help our scholars learn as well. Examples of LEARN include:

• Book Clubs

• Spanish & English Meetups

• Class Projects

• Collaborative Curriculum Planning

International Samaritan still feels that service is a foundational element of cultivating empathetic citizens of the world; however, in the era of COVID, serving incountry isn’t always an option, as our first priority is always protecting the communities we serve. Examples of SERVE include:

• Local Service

• U.S. School Trips

• Scholar Trips to the U.S.

• Service Progect Planning Teams

• Campus Chapters & School Clubs

Through GROW, we ask that students take all that they have learned and act as advocates for communities facing extreme poverty around the world, helping us reach even more individuals and communities who need aid. Examples of GROW include:

• Fast2Change

• IntSam Global 5K Race

• Reflection Nights

• Other School-Wide Fundraisers & Online Campaigns

Join the Program.

To learn more about the LSG program or to inquire about bringing LSG to your school, use the form below. We’re happy to answer any questions that you have! 

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