IntSam Graduate Directory  [2022]

Graduation is always an accomplishment. But when you’re from a garbage dump community, graduation is a feat of incredible perseverence. Congratulations, Graduates!


Country: Ethiopia

University: Don Bosco TVET College

Degree: Electrical Installation

As a young man living with his grandmother, I had many health issues. It was very difficult because my grandmother did not have the money to provide me with basic education, much less accomodate all of my special needs. It was during this crisis that I applied to the International Samaritan program, and after many interviews and various inquiries, I received the scholarship opportunity. I started studying very happily and my grandmother also became happier. My basic needs were covered by this great organization. I also did various supplementary jobs – such as painting and electrical installation – to afford our family greater comfort.

At the moment, I am so excited and want to do everything carefully and sensibly. I don’t have a job yet, so even after I graduate, I will be doing various small jobs as I continue my job hunt. I am confident that I will succeed, though: the various life skills training workshops that I have taken at International Samaritan in addition to my formal education have given me the ability to understand myself properly and believe in myself.

Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Queens College

Degree: Information Technology

When I look back on the past three years, it has been wonderful.

Since my mother died, and I did not know my father, my grandmother promised to educate me. Even though she could not afford it with the money she earns from various small jobs, I started school. She paid my tuition for a few months, but it was at a time when life was very difficult for her, and the cost of living was very difficult due to the hardship caused by COVID.

Thank God International Samaritan understood my problem, and I received a scholarship. In addition to an academic education, I have also been trained in various life skills by the organization. With the help of the training, I have had the opportunity to educate my younger brothers and sisters in the after-school gap-filling program.

To tell you the truth, if this organization had not helped me, I would not have reached this stage today, and no one would have seen the smile that you see in my photo. I always thank God for what has been done for me.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Birhan University

Degree: Industrial Engineering

I received the gifts of education and life lessons from International Samaritan. I feel honored to call myself part of the IntSam family. I am proud to share that I have completed my Bachelor’s degree from Debre Birhan University in Industrial Engineering, which would not have been possible without the help.

What was most special to me about my scholarship was the food that IntSam provided not only to me, but to my whole family, allowing me to fully focus on my studies without having to worry about whether they have enough food at home. No words can ever describe my gratitude for this. I completed my studies without ever having to worry about school supplies or tutoring costs, either, and had no sense of inferiority to my classmates. May God bless your efforts for other students.

I hope to one day be able to stand tall and give back to my community.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Queens College

Degree: Accounting

With my degree, I hope to have a good, stable job that will allow me to support my mother so she can work and worry less. I would like to start a small business – a cafe that serves street food and serving Ethiopian coffee – with my mother. I have prepared a proposal for the business to try to find financers. Running a traditional Ethiopian cafe with my mother, away from our old lives in the Kore dump, is my truest dream.

IntSam gave me a small sum of money to get a graduation dress, but I don’t want to spend that money on clothes; I would rather invest the money to launch my cafe. My dream will wait until I have completed my current internship, but I intend to make it a reality soon.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Admas University

Degree: Accounting

I was born from a poor family in the Kore area. I could not attend school frequently, and because of this, I was faced with a situation where I could not keep studying because my 10th grade results were not satisfactory. I applied to Intsam for a sponsorship to hopefully get a second chance, and they took a chance on me. I was able to keep studying.

Because of IntSam, I could learn without worrying. My family benefited from the education and health support that I received, so it reduced the pressure that used to be there. My family could finally relax.

The joy I felt on the day of graduation was unparalleled. I have become more hopeful for my family and I have great dreams for the future. I plan to continue on to a post-graduate degree, as well as begin working in the corporate world. In 7 years, I my aim is to be an administrator of a large company. I want to help and support institutions like IntSam and provide other students with the rare opportunity I had.


Country: Nicaragua

University: University of Nicaragua

Degree: Medicine & Surgery

I thank God and International Samaritan for helping me complete my university studies. Thanks to the Step by Step program, I have a degree in Medicine & Surgery. I am very grateful to the program for everything they have done for me.

I am currently pursuing residency programs at several hospitals across the country. I want to continue studying with a residency to gain more experience and expertise as a physician. I want to pursue a specialty in childbirth because I love children and would enjoy advising women during pregnancy.

I am very grateful to the program for helping me in so many ways. International Samaritan changed my life and give me the opportunity to be a professional who makes a difference and earns respect. Thank you, International Samaritan, for making me the person that I am today.


Country: Honduras

University: Corea Training Center

Degree: Automotive Mechanics

My mother tells me that when I was a few days old my father abandoned us, leaving her to support me alone. Then my mother remarried and had three more children, so now we are a family of six in total. We have gone from one place to another looking for somewhere to live, but thank God my grandmother gave us a room to live in. I’ve struggled a lot as a child because I suffer from hearing loss, though I have regained some hearing back through therapy.

I started working when I was eight years old, recycling plastic, copper, cans, and iron. I hurt myself many times with old metal sheets. It is very dangerous to work in scrap. My stepfather also works in the dump, but what he earns is very little and not enough for all the expenses since my three younger siblings are studying too. My mother is a hard worker and sells “baleadas” outside a school. Sometimes my parents cannot cover all the expenses of my brothers and sisters. Before International Samaritan, I had stopped attending school at 6th grade. I wanted to go to school, but I knew that I had to work to support my family.

For me it is a blessing to now have a degree in automotive mechanics. I recently started my professional practice at Persema TL. This has been an excellent experience for me! I’m grateful to International Samaritan for supporting me and making my dreams a reality.


Country: Nicaragua

University: Universidad de Occidente

Degree: Nursing

I received the Step by Step scholarship for five years, and thanks to that I have managed to get a degree in nursing. It was a very hard and difficult process but I never saw it as impossible. Thanks to the program I am a qualified person. Currently, I am not earning a salary, but for the moment I am helping my community where they need volunteer nurses: providing shots and IVs, doing exams, or helping to prepare corpses. I do it with all my heart because I know the need that my community has.

I feel very grateful for all the help given to me not only for my studies, but also financially with my bus tickets. Thanks to the program, I graduated near the top of my class. I also want to inform you that last week I went to apply to the military hospital where I did my internship. Since I was a good nurse they told me that in a month I could sign a contract with them, and I am very happy because I will have a good job. Getting full-time work in the field has been very difficult, but now I will have a job where I will put into practice all my knowledge.


Country: Honduras

University: Corea Training Center

Degree: Automotive Mechanics

For me, life was very sad before International Samaritan. I could only finish my sixth grade and I could not continue studying for lack of money. My dad worked as a guard and what he earns is not enough to cover all the expenses in the house. Because of this, my mom had to go to the garbage dump to recycle materials such as plastic bottles, cardboard and aluminum cans. She also collected clothes that are in good condition, the ones that fall from the trucks. She brought them home and washed and sold them, risking being hit or run over by a machine or a truck. I had to take care of my little brothers and sisters when my mother goes to the dump. Sometimes I took care of them for up to seven hours a day while my parents worked.

Thanks to God, I received the opportunity of an IntSam scholarship and I took advantage of it to continue with my education. The past four years have been a beautiful experience. The program has helped me to grow a lot as a person, to gain knowledge, and to be able to overcome adversity. I was also part of the soccer team of the Paso a Paso Program . I always enjoyed participating in the program’s activities. In my free time I always helped a neighbor to work in the cleaning of scrap metal, that way I obtained income to cover some of my personal expenses.

This past year, I completed a technical certification in automotive mechanics at the Honduras Corea Institute, and then started an internship with the company Autolandia. At the end of the internship, thank God, they said that they liked my work offered me a job there. I hope to gain more knowledge and one day be the lead mechanic. I also hope to one day buy my own tools and have my own workshop. Thanks to the program for its support over the years, now I will put that support into practice through my profession. Thank you International Samaritan!


Country: Ethiopia

University: Admas University

Degree: Computer Science

I was born in the capital city of Ethiopia, and I am 23 years old. I live with my four family members. We live in a one room government house.

This support has enabled me to go to school with all the equipment and books I need. After getting the scholarship, I didn’t go to school on a hungry stomach as I packed my lunches and had all the school supplies that I needed. It has also provided supplies and food for my family which has helped us a lot. Without this program, I would have had to work as my mother no longer can. I wouldn’t have gone to school and hence all prospects of a better life for me and my family would have been lost. We would have been stressed out constantly to sustain our lives.

My goal is to get a job as a mechanic. After school, I like to sit down with my mother and talk about my day. I also enjoy watching and playing soccer.

I am now graduated and I am looking for a better job to support myself and my mother. I am so grateful for all the support International Samaritan has provided! I want to say that you have done a noble deed and God will repay you with blessings from above. Thank you.


Country: Nicaragua

University: Managua University

Degree: Hospitality & Tourism Management

I joined the Step by Step program five years ago when I was in my last year of high school. It would have been very difficult for me to attend university since I come from a low-income family. Before joining Step by Step, I had no way to pay university tuition, and I thought I would not be able to study for that reason. Thanks to the unconditional support that I received from International Samaritan, I am now a graduate of the University of Managua. 

I studied Hospitality and Tourism Management thanks to your support. I am currently employed in my field and working at a local hotel. I am putting into practice everything I learned in my university studies. I always liked this field, and since I was in high school I knew what I was going to study. I am a young man who has moved forward in life with the help of God and of International Samaritan.

I am very grateful to you because you gave me the help and the opportunity to study and make my dream come true. 


Country: Ethiopia

University: Hotel & Tourism Institute

Degree: Hospitality Management

I would like to express my gratitude to International Samaritan for the past four years of support. When I was a child, I lost both of my parents. I had no family or friends to lean on. When I first joined International Samaritan, I had no one to feed or care for me. I never imagined myself going to school. But ever since I joined International Samaritan, my school fees, transportation costs, and all other expenses have been covered. I’ve found a new family who loves and supports me. The IntSam family is very caring and supportive of one another. They have taught me the meaning of family. In the organization, I found brothers and sisters I never had. I hope to be able to stand on my own two feet one day and help others as you have helped me. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Bahir Dar University

Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Imagine a university student from a poor family, whose family couldn’t do anything for him. Due to the weakness and powerlessness of my family and my environment, studying at Bahir Dar University, which is one of the leading universities in Ethiopia, I knew was nearly impossible. I was accepted, but I knew I couldn’t attend in view of my economic problems.

Thanks to God and International Samatan, I was able to take advantage of the scholarship opportunity offered by this organization. Additionally, I was able to graduate with high marks. My results and inner happiness before and after joining this organization are very different. Because of the educational materials, clothing, and the food support, my grades were able to improve. When I graduated in my final year, my cumulative grade was 3.6. I am very grateful for my final result.

The strange thing is that since my father is poor and disabled, I had no idea that any family member would come all the way to Bahir Dar University to watch me graduate. With the support given by IntSam, my father attended my graduation and had the entire cost of transportation, food, and accommodations covered. It was the happiest moment of my life to have him there witnessing me receive my diploma. In addition to the scholarship support, I am extremely happy that International Samaritan’s President Mike and Selam have come to Bahir Dar to visit me. In the future, I promise to help the organization and the students under it to the best of my ability.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Gofa Industrial College

Degree: Automotive Mechanics

I recently graduated in Auto Mechanics. I earned my degree after studying during the night shift and working several jobs during the day time. I’m proud to say that I now have a job in my field!! 

I live with my mother, and I am her fourth child. We used to live in a plastic house that my mother constructed beside the garbage. Before, I was not able to invite my friends to my house, as our house was not inviting. If I needed to meet with my friends, I would meet them in different internet cafés where I would call and talk with them. But, that was so costly, and I was not able to afford that cost for long. The trainings that I participated in through IntSam, however, taught me how dignity matters. IntSam taught me that my worth was not dependent on my living situation nor the opinions of others.

Still I hoped to one day live in a home. I thank God that my dreams have come true. We moved into a new house that we can proudly invite our friends to. It’s a place where we can call home! This wouldn’t have been possible without IntSam’s support.  Thank you all at International Samaritan and may God bless you abundantly!!


Country: Guatemala

University: INTECAP Training Center

Degree: Cosmetology

School has always been very hard because I get stressed during classes. I think that I am going to fall behind in some class, or that I will have to repeat the school year. I used to torment myself with ideas like I had to be the best in class or else my achievements were worthless. But after giving myself some time to think about everything, calm down, and not panic, I learned to not get carried away with negative thoughts. My anxiety severely harmed my studies, so once I was calmer, it was much easier to learn and continue with my schoolwork.

I thrived in the scholarship program, I learned some values that stood out for me for my day to day. I am very thankful to the organization for giving me an opportunity that almost no one gets. I am proud to have been part of the program. The team helped me to keep going and not give up – to stop thinking about what I can’t do, that I am going to fail, or that I will regret anything I do. The program helped me at a time in my life when I was paralyzed by fear. Thanks to them for giving me the opportunity and to move forward in everything.

I now have a cosmetology degree that allows me to live, but for the future I plan to attend the San Carlos University and study the career that I truly want. I will start college next year in 2024. I don’t want to go any later because I feel that if I don’t get into college soon I will fall behind and I don’t want that. 


Country: Honduras

University: Corea Training Center

Degree: Automotive Mechanics

Since I was very young I have had to live through very difficult things. I grew up with my mother and my three younger siblings. As my mother worked in the dump, it was my responsibility to wake up early and get my younger siblings ready for school, cook for my brothers and sisters after, and then leave to go to the dump to work every evening. Sometimes we didn’t make enough for household expenses, so my mother and I trapped animals and scavenged from the dump to eat. We often got sick. That’s why my family turned to International Samaritan.

My time in the program was much better, but the difficulties did not end. Everything was going well until the COVID-19 pandemic. It was then that the Ministry of Education decided that all classes, homework, and projects would have to be done via Zoom. At that time I had no way to communicate with the school, until the program provided a tablet so that we could do homework. However, there were only four months left in the school year by the time I received a tablet, and the counselor told me that I would have to do all the work for the whole school year in order to pass the grade. I tried and tried hard, but I failed. I’m so glad I didn’t lose my scholarship. I was so scared.

I started again at a new school in 2021. At the beginning it was very good, I really gave everything, but as time went by I could not continue with my studies because I fell into depression. At that time, there were problems in my home. My mother hurt me a lot. As I became more depressed, I no longer could leave the house, do homework, or spend time with anyone. I became very anti-social. There were several occasions where I tried to take my own life, but I failed at those as well. I decided to give up my scholarship. I didn’t think I deserved it.

Instead of letting me quit, IntSam intervened. They sat me down and asked to give my reasons for wanting to quit. They offered me psychological help and told me that they were not going to leave me alone. I went to therapy for eight months and it changed my life. I remember after about four months of being in therapy, I started to feel good about myself for the first time. I was changing my personality. At my sixth month, my mother also began therapy. Thanks to God, after that appointment my mother changed. She became kinder and more attentive. She stopped hurting me. By my eighth month, I had learned to love and value myself and take care of myself. I returned to socializing. I feel that I was born again.

In the beginning of 2022, I decided to study automotive mechanics at the Instituto Honduras Corea. The year was excellent for me, and I learned very well in school. I am now working as an assistant in a company because of my performance, development, and knowledge. I am progressing quickly!

I am very grateful to IntSam because they have supported me a lot. They saw that I was unwell, and when I did not want to continue, they met with me and took care of me. They did not leave me. This dream I am living is thanks to IntSam’s support. I feel happy to be able to be alive for these moments and to be able to share them with you.


Country: Honduras

University: Corea Training Center

Degree: Refrigeration

When I was five years old, we came to live here in San Pedro Sula so that my father could have more job opportunities. We came to live with an aunt, but my cousins would hit us constantly, so we moved. My father couldn’t find a job here either, though, so he began working in the dump. I was eight years old when I started going to the garbage dump after I got out of school. Eventually I had to drop out of school because we couldn’t make enough to pay for it, so I got a job collecting in the dumpsters of the fast food restaurants and in the central places of the city with a schedule of 4 pm to 1 am.

But then I found International Samaritan. Ever since IntSam started supporting me, I stopped working and I dedicated myself full time to my studies, from Monday to Friday studying for a certification to become a refrigeration technician and on Sundays studying for another technical degree in Business Administration. I have graduated as a Refrigeration Technician. I feel immense enthusiasm and gratitude. I am achieving more than I expected in my life. I would like to open my own business one day, and now that I am certified as a technician I will be able to take my first steps in the working world. I already work independently by repairing appliances for neighbors and friends. This makes me feel very good because I help others and I do what I really like. All this is possible thanks to your enormous nobility and generosity. I thank each of the people who make this work possible, each donor, each leader, volunteers, etc. My family and I are more than grateful for everything you have done so that today our lives are different.

Many years ago I felt that my life had no purpose. I used to think that my life would never change, but for some reason God wanted people like you, friends of International Samaritan, to come into my life and change everything. Today I can say that I have many purposes and reasons to live, the most important reason being to help my family unconditionally with all the resources that I will earn.


Country: Ethiopia

University: L.M. Hotel & Tourism Institute

Degree: Culinary Arts

I have struggled with my confidence all my life, and this all changed after I joined International Samaritan. The counselor at IntSam took me on a half-year self-discovery journey and now I feel confident. This is especially important in the hospitality business where I must communicate with clients and other cooks. Even when I was young, I remember I always wanted to be a chef. I especially like to cook lentil stew and I also always wanted to write a book in culinary art at some point in my life, but I never thought these dreams would be possible for me. I am happy today that I became a professional chef and I am looking forward to practicing my skills. 


Country: Honduras

University: Corea Training Center

Degree: Industrial Mechanics

My mother has suffered from epilepsy since infancy, so it is difficult for her to do many things. Because of this, my childhood was not like other children’s. I did not play because I had to take care of my mother while my father worked. I remember when I was seven years old, my mother was burning garbage when she suddenly fell and had an epilepsy episode in the fire. Thankfully, I managed to push her away—otherwise much of her skin would have burned. After the episode, she cried a lot. I did not understand. It was only after my father arrived that I learned that she had suffered many burns.

My father lost his job six years ago because he was considered too old, so he started going to the municipal garbage dump. Sometimes my dad looks for firewood to sell, too, going to the forest to see if he can find dry trees. My father’s work is the only income we have to cover our expenses.

I also have a little brother, but he grew up with my grandparents because of my mother’s illness. He recently emigrated to Belize looking for a better future for our parents. Unfortunately he was detained by immigration, and, as a punishment, he was given six months in prison. He is still in Belize at the moment.

With all of these hardships, I give thanks to God for International Samaritan. IntSam found me three years ago, and for the first time in my life, my family had stable food. I could spend more time studying, allowing me to be a graduate now. In 2022, I finished my degree in industrial mechanics at the Technical Institute Honduras Corea. I even did an internship in Sauthern – a clothing manufacturing company. I repaired the work machines for the employees in the maintenance area. It was a very nice experience. I am very grateful to the Step by Step program for supporting me on my path to graduation. Now I can enter the workforce and get a job to help my family.


Country: Guatemala

University: INTECAP (Technical School)

Degree: Culinary Arts

My graduation was a very wonderful experience. I had a graduation ceremony and celebration at the school with my family in attendance. My plans for this year are to continue saving and growing in my small cake and dessert business. Next year I would like to go to college and study Child Psychology. I would like to be able to go to college since I would be the first one in my family to do this.

International Samaritan helped me a lot because if I had not had the scholarship I would have studied in public school, I would not have been afforded the opportunity to study at INTECAP, and I may not be a graduate with a stable job.


Country: Honduras

University: National Institute of Vocational Training

Degree: Culinary Arts

We are a low income family. My mother goes to the dump to bring food for the pigs, and she also works recycling materials there, to be able to bring money home. My father is a shoemaker, he works at home making different styles of shoes, and then goes out to sell from house to house. There is very little money coming into our home. My dream has always been to graduate from high school and then continue with a cooking course to become a professional chef, but I had to leave school because we could not afford it. IntSam intervened in 2019, allowing me to resume my courses.

In 2022 I was very happy because it was my last year of study. I decided to enroll in the INFOP Institute to study a cooking course, which is what I have liked so much since I was a child. There I learned to make cakes, desserts, and many other things. I am very grateful to the program for all the support they have given me, for the opportunity they gave me to continue studying. Thanks be to God that I studied this technical course, and I was able to graduate.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Queens University

Degree: Accounting

I was thinking back to a time before joining the Step by Step Scholarship Program. It hit me hard like thunder. I never used to smile. I never used to relax, not even for a few minutes. What a sad way of existing right?

Yes, life robbed me of my childhood early on. I had to start working to help my mother with house expenses when I was in 5th grade. My father died when I was little, so it was only me and my mom fighting to survive on our own. Like most girls who have no other means of support, my mother and I had to make the tough decision for me to migrate to the capital of the country to work as a maid at people’s homes. Still, I always had a big place in my heart for education. Even though I worked, I never stopped going to school.

Later, my mom ended up feeling very ill. She developed chronic kidney disease which is due to hypertension. She started going to the health center every week. The small amount of money I made working, I had to send to her. I was on the verge of discontinuing my education and moving back to attend to her because I had no support system.

International Samaritan came to the rescue like a prince in shining armor and helped me carry the huge burdens upon me. Because my tuition was paid and I received food and school support, I was able to stop working in people’s houses. My mother’s health has its ups and downs, but the fact that I had a support system through IntSam made her stress free. IntSam has been a bridge for me and the future that I dreamed of but was so far away. IntSam helped me change my thinking in volunteering as well. I actively participate in the after-school gap-filling program, teaching math to my younger ‘Samaritan Siblings.’ It gave me great pleasure to help. I want to continue to volunteer, and one day, I hope to extend the same type of support I received to girls who are in helpless situations.

Laquandah Frazer

Country: Jamaica

University: Spring Village Development Centre

Degree: Culinary Arts

I am a recent graduate of the Spring Village Development Centre. I love my school because I have great teachers and appreciate the effort they put into helping us. I believe it’s a great training school.

I live with my mother, my stepfather, and five siblings. My parents are not currently working, and my mother usually goes to the dumpsite to collect glass bottles in exchange for money.

I am very grateful for the support from International Samaritan, as it has helped tremendously with the financial constraints faced by my family. The IntSam team has provided me with money for school expenses and food support. They also provided me with necessary electronic devices to help with online classes. I am able to realize my dream of becoming a restaurant owner because of the support provided by International Samaritan.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Helen Beauty Training Center

Degree: Both Cosmetology & Culinary Arts

My name is Langeriseha Asefa, and I received a scholarship through International Samaritan. Since the day I joined the organization, I was given special care and love. I was selected as a scholarship recipient to learn a profession that will benefit me for tomorrow. I love the profession and have a great desire to continue my formal education. I am currently working in an Italian restaurant which I obtained from my training in Culinary Arts. I do this in addition to my manicure and makeup training. I would like to thank you very much. I am very happy with my current job because it has given me the opportunity to learn different skills, which I think will make me a happier person tomorrow. Thank you in the name of the Almighty for everything that has been done for me.


Country: Nicaragua

University: Managua University

Degree: Tourism & Hospitality Management

Thanks be to God, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management! The IntSam program has changed my life, not only in the student environment, but also financially and emotionally. If the program had not helped me so much I would not have achieved my goals and my dreams of being a graduate. 

I am currently living with my mother and the situation has been hard in our country. I have worked to apply for a job everywhere, but I have not yet been called. At the moment I am giving tutoring classes to children in my area. The most important thing is, though, thanks to the program, I have a degree. I know that the situation will change and soon I will have a job to help my mother and put into practice all the knowledge that I have acquired in the university.


Country: Honduras

University: Honduras Catholic University

Degree: Strategic Management

I am a young man who grew up in extreme poverty in the garbage dump of Tegucigalpa. As a child, I recycled garbage and lived on what I found in the waste to eat. For two years of my life, I slept on cardboard and built a shelter with tires that came to the dump. I was nine years old. When I turned 11 years old, I suffered a serious accident. While I was with my childhood friends waiting for someone to give us something to eat, a dump truck arrived. I ran out with my friends to pick through the best of the waste, but this time it did not go well because when the truck was going backwards I fell from the back and the tires passed over me from the tip of my legs to my waist. Unable to live alone anymore, I decided to ask one of my aunts for help. She took me in and gave me a place to live. We sold tortillas to survive.

One day while I was delivering tortillas, I was offered a job as a welding assistant, I accepted and learned the trade for several years. I helped my aunt and at that moment I accepted God in my life. Everything changed after having a lot of resentment towards my parents. I felt that God put in my heart to forgive them for having left me in the garbage dump. God did the work, I forgave my parents and moved to live alone near the garbage dump.

I found help in an organization who supported me to finish high school and start college. For a while they helped me, but they stopped suddenly and I felt that my dreams could no longer be fulfilled. I was attending the Catholic University and the organization that supported me had gone several months without paying the monthly fee, an amount that I could never repay. That’s when God put me on my way to the IntSam Program. I approached Ronia to ask for support. I was crying because I could not continue in college but she told me, “Daniel, Mike and Andrew want us to help you continue studying,” and that is where my life changed. From that day on not only did the program pay the monthly fees I owed at the university, but also handled everything I needed for my studies. They gave me everything from transportation to the clothes for my graduation and a monthly food basket for me and my family. I feel happy I have completed my university degree. I graduated with a degree in Strategic Business Management. Now I aspire to study a master’s degree in Total Quality Management.

While finishing school, I also started a project to teach low income youth to work with metal. I had nine students I didn’t know what to do, until all of them got scholarships from the Step by Step Program. They changed their lives, and some graduated from high school this year too! Today, I live in peace with my family, continue working on this project which I have named New Life, and I have asked my girlfriend of several years to marry me and she accepted. Now I continue working to move forward. Thanks for all the support you have given me. I will never forget how much you have helped me.

Mario B.

Country: Guatemala

University: Kinal

Degree: Technical Drawing

I have many plans for the future. I think that to come up with a single plan for a great life is useless and even more to develop only that plan. But I have had several ideas, including being able to continue studying engineering at the university so I may get the necessary resources to obtain a home of my own. I want this not only for me, but also for my family. I have not yet been accepted, and I do not think that this stage of the process that I should be discouraged. I think that it urges me to prepare myself more academically, and also to learn that one cannot always get everything I want on the first try. My main avenue for personal improvement is university, but I am also taking a series of workshops on 3D modeling for architecture and the BIM. I have the option of getting certified in this and other programs used in architecture and engineering.

At the moment I am working at Taracena Service and Construction, at which I interned while I was completing my degree. I work full time as a Technical Artist for the company.

Being an IntSam scholar has been a perfect experience in every way. I have had order and punctuality while trying to obtain good results, which I wanted not only for the program but for myself. IntSam’s leaders never let me down and always high expectations of me. The program caused a noticeable change in my way of seeing life, teaching me new points of view and to know myself. I think what helped me the most in the program was getting to know the caring side of my being: Before, I had to focus only on caring for myself and my family, but I learned how rewarding it was to lend a hand of support to others.

Mario G.

Country: Guatemala

University: CBC El Carmen School

Degree: Graphic Design

On graduation day, I felt ready to begin my life. I felt very happy and grateful, to God first and to International Samaritan second, for helping me to get to that place. Graduation was a moment of great pride for me and my family. My dreams this year are to find a new workplace with job security so I can be ready to start a university next year. I want to get out of my comfort zone to finish the year being an independent person who contributes to society and my family. I am currently working as a security guard while I look for a better job opportunity.

It was a very pleasant experience to have been part of the IntSam scholarship Program. It was a fundamental part of my life, not only educationally but also sentimentally because in the years I spent there I had many bonding experiences with the fellow teachers and students. IntSam’s strict requirements prepared me and formed my character and my personality. IntSam Samaritano guided me on a path of academic and work opportunities that I could not have had with my family alone. I am now part of the working society and it is thanks to IntSam, and I feel grateful for it.


Country: Honduras

University: Corea Training Center

Degree: Electrical Technician

I moved around a lot as a child. First I lived with my mother, then when she left us I lived with my maternal grandmother. When it became too expensive for her to care for me and my siblings, I was sent to live with my other grandmother. It’s here that I live now. I help her raise pigs to sell them later, that’s how we make an income. I go with her to collect food for the animals at the garbage dump. I used to go every day, but now I only go on weekends.

I had to leave school for a while both to help my grandmother and because I struggled with virtual learning during the pandemic, but I resumed my studies in the year 2022 since the classes were in-person. I studied to become a technician in Industrial Electricity at the Honduras Corea Technical Institute. Thanks to the support IntSam gave, I graduated on November 16th. I obtained my professional degree in electricity to join the workforce. I am very grateful to International Samaritan for all the help they gave me. Without your help it would not be possible. Thank you very much to all of you for your support.

After graduation my plans are to be able to work as an electrician. Also if it is possible for me to study to finish my high school degree on weekends, I would like to so that I so can enter university to get an engineering degree as well!


Country: Guatemala

University: INTECAP Training Center

Degree: Baking Arts

I completed my certification in Baking and Pastry Arts at INTECAP last year. Now I am studying at the University of San Carlos in the field of Legal and Social Sciences (Law). This year I want to take English classes. In the future I would like to have my own farm and a restaurant, and have my own brand of cakes and desserts. Eventually, to have several stores throughout the country, to have physical stores, to have a presence on social networks to advertise so people can view the products we have and also see the prices and sales. I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity that the organization gave me to support me in my academic and technical career. Without you, I would have only finished middle school. God bless you.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Queens College

Degree: Accounting

I am one of the students who received an educational scholarship from International Samaritan and benefited greatly. It was a difficult for me to complete my studies. When I was about to drop out of my studies due to lack of capacity for a year and a half, your organization came to me and provided me support through a scholarship. What you have done for me is so great and beyond what anyone can do. Thank you so much for bringing me out of a dark life into the light.

By receiving this educational support, I completed my studies properly and with the free time I had, I also attended hair training in addition to accounting studies. Ironically, my beauty training short course caught my attention and now I have started a career in hairdressing. I am training to open a small beauty salon some day. Accounting will be a great resource for my growing company in the future.

The support I received in this Samaritan organization has benefited my family beyond me and has enabled me to help my younger sister in the countryside. I thank you in the name of God for everything you have done for me.


Country: Jamaica

University: Queens College

Degree: Medicine & Surgery

As a child, I always knew that I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. That’s why I joined the Jamaica Red Cross Society when I was young. I loved visiting children’s homes and health care facilities and taking care of those who were less fortunate. I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine and make a difference in the world, no matter what.

When I was awarded the scholarship from International Samaritan, it was like a dream come true. I was a final year student at the University of the West Indies, pursuing my degree in Medicine and Surgery, and I had no idea how I was going to complete my studies. This scholarship not only helped to offset my tuition but also allowed me to focus on my studies and achieve my dreams. Now, I am proud to say that I have successfully completed my degree as a medical doctor, thanks to the support of International Samaritan. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and I plan to use my skills to positively impact the lives of others. I want to contribute greatly to the health sector and other areas in need, and I believe I can achieve my dreams and make a difference in the world with the help of God.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Admas University

Degree: Computer Science

My name is Mohammed and I am one of the students who are supported by International Samaritan and graduated from university this year.

I joined the organization, and this opportunity benefited not only myself but also my family.  I am very grateful. In addition to the formal education support I received while at International Samaritan, the self-help and life skills training provided by the program helped me to have better communication with myself and my family. The life skills training also taught me to set goals.

You have brought me to the point where I can be employed in the profession in which I have graduated and can help myself and my family. May Allah reward you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me reach this stage.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Addis Ababa Science & Technology University

Degree: Electromechanical Engineering

Before joining International Samaritan, my family and I had been through a lot. We were unable to buy food items. My siblings and I couldn’t help, as we were students. This had a significant impact on us at school as well. We couldn’t concentrate in class because we were hungry. However, after receiving the scholarship, we had enough food on the table, allowing us to focus on school and achieve good grades. International Samaritan also provided me with school supplies, which helped me succeed in school. I will never be able to thank the organization enough for everything it has done for me and my family.

My short-term plan is to work in the field I studied and help my family, and my long-term goal is to earn my master’s degree and start a charity organization. I am extremely grateful to International Samaritan and my family for everything they have done for me along the way.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Queens College

Degree: Secretarial Science

International Samaritan has provided me with a variety of significant educational help over the previous three years, and I am now proudly a graduate. To me, this is a significant issue. I’m positive that I would not have been able to finish my education and earn a degree if I hadn’t had the support of this organization.
I felt confident in my ability to instruct while receiving pedagogical training when I accepted the position of tutor at the after-school gap filling program. I never imagined that I would teach younger children when you taught me how to do it, but with your constant encouragement, my courage and knowledge have increased. Today I am able to appropriately help younger students. I sincerely appreciate the training.
I also have a variety of handicrafts skills that I have learned from my family, and your support gave me courage to say that practicing them will increase my income. I sincerely appreciate that too. Thank you very much and may God bless team IntSam!


Country: Guatemala

University: INTECAP Training Center

Degree: Bartending

Right now life feels good: I have a challenge, a purpose, and a goal to achieve my dreams for the future. I want to continue working hard so that one day I can visit other countries with my family, see new places, and buy a car and a house. In order to achieve all of this I need to put a lot of effort to improve myself. I already know what it’s like to work hard under the sun and I want to have a better job and a higher income.

I have not been accepted yet, but I am looking into the admissions process to get into the San Carlos University. I am currently working full time from eight in the morning to four or five in the afternoon. For the moment I am working in Zone 3, but I am already looking for restaurants and hotels to work as a bartender. I would like to study law or criminology in college.

I learned many things from being a part of the Program. I learned how to be a better person, to see things differently, not to settle in my surroundings, to get out of my comfort zone and not to repeat the circle of poverty that most of us live in. Also, I learned that with study and effort we can aspire to do great things to change our history to better help not only ourselves but also our loved ones. The Step by Step Program changed my life because it gave me the opportunity to study. Without the scholarship, I would have started working after elementary school.


Country: Honduras

University: Washington Academy

Degree: Vocational English

When I first started in the program, my father had just gone to the United States. My mother was left alone with my siblings and I, with no money and no job. We are a low-income family, but it was my brother’s disability that worried my mother the most. He has epilepsy attacks and it was difficult for her to buy medicine for him because we had no money. To get some money, my mother washed clothes for the neighbors, and in the evenings I stayed with my siblings while my mother looked for clothes or recyclable materials to sell at the garbage dump. That was the only way for her to provide food at home. When I finished sixth grade, I was very worried that I would not be able to continue studying since we did not have the economic resources to pay for my studies. I went to the garbage dump at night to work and help my mother with the household expenses because I was the oldest son.

Then, in 2017, IntSam offered me a scholarship. I thanked God because I could continue studying. My dream was always to graduate, get a job, and help with the expenses of the house because my mother could not handle it all on her own.

Unfortunately, as the years went by, my mother fell in love again and decided to live with her new partner. It was later that year that my dad returned because he had been deported from Mexico and realized that my mom was living with another man. He asked her how she could live with another man in the house they built together.  My mom left with her new partner to live in another area of the city, taking my two youngest siblings to live with her. My younger brother and I decided to stay with my father so we could continue studying.

I am a Christian, and I have found peace from my circumstances at church. I have learned to play several instruments, and I really like playing the piano and the drums. This year I am going to work with the youth of the church and teach them how to play instruments. My dream is to focus on church, to learn more and more every day from the Bible, and use music and languages to spread peace.

Thanks to the second chance I received from International Samaritan, I was able to study English. Ever since I was a child, I always liked English. I enrolled in the Washington Academy and started the vocational English course that lasted 16 months. The experience of learning English was good quality and I enjoyed making progress. Every four months the level changes, and the teachers evaluated us to see if we could pass to the next level. Thanks to God, I was very dedicated, and I was able to learn very well.


Country: Nicaragua

University: Pablo Freire University

Degree: Law

Thanks to God and to International Samaritan, my life changed 180 degrees and paved a way for me to attend university. The program has helped me a lot in all areas of my life. Staff provided everything that I needed – from a pencil to the payment of my tuition.

Thanks to God, I am now a lawyer. I chose this career to help people with limited resources who really need my help and to advocate for innocent people who are facing legal challenges – like the loss of their house or their child. I will help them by applying all of the knowledge I have gained from my studies. I am not currently employed because I graduated very recently, but I have already worked on two property deeds and have earned a little money. I hope to secure a good job and help my mother who is getting a little older. I think she will need my help a few years down the road.

I want to thank you for all the help from the program. I appreciate all the people who work hard so that young people like me can achieve our dreams and goals and improve our futures. Thank you very much for everything.


Country: Nicaragua

University: INTECAP Training Center

Degree: Bartending

I want to learn how to start making an official business since I earned my certificate in Bartending. I already know how to make some pastries, so ultimately I would like to own a cafe or bar. I still don’t know how to start, and I’m still afraid, but I want to try this year to reach the ultimate goal. I plan to look for a job while I set up my small business. I know that later on in the future I will be able to enjoy them with my loved ones who always believed in me. Even though right now I am working several jobs to earn money, I still intend to make progress this year. Regarding college, I was accepted at San Carlos University. When I was working, I thought about going to college, so I dedicated myself to saving last year to help me this year while I search for a job. The truth is that in the future I want to follow my technical course to become a chef. I already have a long term plan and I will dedicate myself to study in order to achieve my goal. I have already structured my future and if I don’t study I don’t feel I can achieve it. Above all, I won’t allow my goals to remain a dream if I want to make them come true.

IntSam was always a strong support for me. They knew when I felt alone and isolated. When I struggled, the Program always offered me support and extended their hands to help me. They also helped me improve as a person. A simple word or a simple gesture helped me to be better and to put my best effort forth. They helped me see what I am capable of. I often struggled with insecurity: I always wondered, “why am I in the program? What’s special about me?” or I told myself that I can’t do it, that I’m not going to make it. Above all I was afraid because I felt alone. But IntSam always there for me. That dedication influenced me. With all that IntSam has taught me, I am going to take it with me into my future so that I can reach my goals and help people like you helped me. I am very grateful for your support because without it I could not have continued one step forward, too afraid of risking taking one step back. Because your support, I always stayed on target despite being afraid.


Country: Ethiopia

University: LM International Hotel & Tourism College

Degree: Culinary Arts

My name is Tariku, and for three years I received a scholarship through International Samaritan without considering how my education would progress. I was not a good student at school, and this was because of a family problem. There wasn’t enough money to support all my educational expenses.

Even after I entered International Samaritan, I found it very difficult to study on a regular program because I had not attended school well before due to family issues. However, through the counseling and encouragement that was provided to me, I was given very good advice to learn how to prepare food at LM International School, which I can easily learn and do at home.

Thank you so much for your ongoing counsel and assistance during these trying times. I am working at several locations using the skills I learned from the training, and my long-term goal is to open my own traditional coffee and street food shop.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Ayertena Medical & Business College

Degree: Accounting

I have been receiving help from International Samaritan for three years. I have now completed my studies, which would have been impossible without your assistance given my family’s financial situation. My mother and father are extremely grateful to the organization because they never worried about my school fees, food, or transportation. International Samaritan’s team members are like our sisters and brothers, always willing to help and encourage all of us to be our very best. I have received more than I asked and I am forever grateful. I am willing to help the organization in any way I can and help younger scholars. The different trainings that I have received helped me to realize the potentials that I possess and they would help me in my future endeavors.


Country: Ethiopia

University: Tegbared Polytechnic College

Degree: Design

My name is Tigist Ayalew, and I was very happy when my older sister was being supported by International Samaritan as a scholar. I was expecting her to get a job and teach me my favorite design course. However, there are so few opportunities to find work in our country that my sister was unable to get a job and teach me, so I came to IntSam and told them about my need and lack of ability. I was accepted into the program and learned design.

I completed my favorite design training program, and now I think I am a good designer. I am very happy because I was supported with transportation and necessary materials during my short training. I thank God for everything that has been done for me and may God bless you all!


Country: Ethiopia

University: Dire Dawa University

Degree: Psychology

Since entering this scholarship program, I have encountered many problems in my personal life and in my country, but I know God will not abandon me because you are by my side. I have made it through the challenges and reached this milestone.

My first university placement was at Axum University, but I had to leave school due to the war in the northern part of the country. As a result, I left the university and came home to Addis Ababa to stay with my family. After my arrival, I was struggling with my education. I was so glad to continue receiving support from IntSam during that difficult period. By relying on this program, I received various grants for my educational materials, clothing, food support, and counseling. In addition to these supports, I received funding for short-term design training which was provided by the organization to make up for my missed schooling. Since graduating from university, I have also been taking a 6-month computer course at the IntSam Family Life Center.

I am grateful for all that has been done for me.  Therefore, to share some of my knowledge with younger students, I am participating in the Samaritan Gap Filling Program. Thank you very much for everything!


Country: Guatemala

University: CBC El Carmen School

Degree: Accounting

The day I graduated I was very happy. I dreamed of this moment for many years because, unfortunately, I had to stop studying when I became pregnant with my daughter. It wasn’t until this year 2022 that I could finish fulfilling my dream of graduating. In the graduation ceremony, I felt proud of myself. I was happy because my mom could be with me on this special day. Now my dream is to be able to give my daughter a better future than I had. I want her to be able to study and graduate.

After I graduated I managed to buy a motorcycle that makes it easier for me to go to work. Where I am working they have been very supportive. I have been working for a year now every day from eight to five. My employer is encouraging me to continue to university in order to opt for a better position within the company. At the moment I have not taken the university exams, but it is my plan to do so.

I am very grateful to the Step by Step Program for the unconditional support that they have given me since I have been part of the program. I first received a scholarship to finish middle school, then to study at INTECAP, and now I have graduated with a focus in Accounting. I wish that each young person can also fulfill their dreams with the support that the team gives us. I am also very grateful to each of the donors in the United States for their support. Although I do not know them I wish that God can bless their lives as well as their family. I also want to give a special thanks for the food baskets that were provided over the last few years because they have been very helpful to my family.

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