50 New Chances

Nalubega, a 19-year-old from Kawanda, Uganda, lost hope of pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor when her mother could no longer afford the cost of her school fees. Her mother, a waste picker at the Kiteezi dumpsite, had six other children to provide for too.

But now Nalubega is at Kampala International University pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, thanks to the expansion of International Samaritan this year.

She is one of 50 new scholarship students that I have the pleasure of working with. 

One o

Nalubega is now pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor.

In a region where access to education remains a distant dream for many, I worked with local community leaders and concerned parents to identify 50 vulnerable children on the brink of dropping out of school due to dire circumstances. These children, who might have otherwise remained trapped in the cycle of poverty, were granted a chance to change their lives through education.

We just recently held an induction program for these new scholars. For the first time, they met their fellow scholars, shared stories, and ignited the flames of ambition within their hearts. The induction wasn’t solely about education; it was about empowerment. It was a joyous occasion where these young minds dared to dream big.

Uganda scholars
Uganda scholars2

The new scholars met each other, shared stories, and dreamed big at the recent induction program in Uganda.

During the orientation, the scholars didn’t just receive instruction from books; they were equipped with essential life skills and values that would serve as their guiding stars. These skills will help them navigate the challenging path ahead and adapt to various educational levels. They wrote personal stories, charted their life journeys, and engaged in team-building games. At the end of the two days, it was all about igniting their passion to pursue their dreams through education. The scholars, ages 6 to 22, fostered a sense of unity, committing to support each other’s journeys to success. 

I feel this induction wasn’t merely an event; it is serving as the bedrock upon which our work in Uganda is being built, thanks to your support. For me, and for these 50 scholars, the induction was a testament to the belief that education and empowerment possess the transformative power to break the chains of poverty.

I can’t wait to see what these scholars will accomplish.

Our 100% Rating

International Samaritan was evaluated by Charity Navigator, the world’s largest and most trusted nonprofit evaluator, and earned a 100% Four-Star Rating! This is the highest possible rating on Charity Navigator.

Charity Navigator’s third-party accreditation validates our organization’s operational excellence. This couldn’t have happened without you and your support. Thank you!

David Kafambe, Uganda Country Director

David has more than 15 years of leadership experience and a deep knowledge of East Africa. He specializes in managing and developing organizations in development and humanitarian contexts. He has degrees in Community Development, Business Administration, and an M.B.A.

50 New Chances

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