International Samaritan prides itself on partnering with institutions from around the globe, in an effort to keep jobs local to the communities that we serve. We also partner with many institutions in the United States for our service immersions and medical missions.

2019 partners Abroad

Costa Rica


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Learn more about our work in Ethiopia


Francisco Coll School

Santa Clara Nursery

Fundación Buen Samaritano

Escuela San Gabriel

Vida y Paz

Learn more about our work in Guatemala


Re. Te. | Learn More

Richard Flasck Medical Center

Nursery San Ignacio Loyola

School Escuela RR. MM.

Learn more about our work in Honduras


Riverton Meadows Early Childhood Centre | Learn More

Learn more about our work in Jamaica


Re. Te. | Learn More

Right Path Project | Learn More

Children’s Wellness Fund | Learn More

Jose Artigas Center of Education, Cuidad Sandino

Learn more about our work in Nicaragua


Recycled Orchestra of Cateura | Learn More

Learn more about our work in Paraguay

2019 u.s. partners

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