Mapping Your Life by Sonja Robinson

In a world brimming with uncertainties, equipping scholars with the tools to navigate their personal and professional journeys is paramount. At the beginning of this year, our team in Jamaica decided to have life mapping and vision board workshops. These workshops represented a beacon of hope, empowering our Samaritan Scholars to envision and pursue their dreams with unwavering resolve.

Nine-year-old Kededra is one of our scholars who attended the workshop. Kededra is from a family of seven. Her mother tries her best to provide for the family doing odd jobs and selling recyclable materials that she finds at the dumpsite. Since starting our scholarship program, Kededra has been able to attend school regularly and have the books she needs. She struggled with reading in the past, but with the help of tutoring has begun to excel not only in reading but all of her classes! She now wants to help other students by becoming a teacher.

One o

Kededra and her life map.

These workshops, led by one of our community leaders, Danesha Wilson, catered to scholars across different educational levels, from primary school through high school and college. 

Ms. Wilson led the scholars through a series of reflective exercises. Scholars identified their values, passions, strengths, and ambitions. They then translated these insights into a visual representation, charting out their desired life trajectory. This holistic approach empowers our scholars to align their actions with their long-term objectives, fostering a sense of purpose and direction.

Vision boards complemented the life mapping process by providing a tangible manifestation of one’s aspirations. Through images, words, and symbols, the scholars crafted collages for their vision boards. It is our hope that their vision boards will serve as daily affirmations, fuelling motivation and resilience amidst challenges.

Scholars across all levels expressed gratitude for the opportunity to create their boards. Many shared that the workshops have ignited a newfound sense of purpose and determination.

Javana one of our primary school scholars remarked, “I never knew I could dream this big until I created my life map and vision board.” Similarly, one of our older scholars, Tasheen, said, “This workshop has transformed my perspective on goal setting. I now feel equipped to pursue my aspirations with clarity and conviction.”

Uganda scholars

Marlon’s vision board.

Marlon, one of our 12th-grade students, has already been accepted into a university. He plans to study medicine and become a cardiologist. While he’s farther along in his journey than many of our other scholars, his vision board will serve as a reminder of his dreams, and why he’s putting so much time and energy into his studies. 

As scholars embark on their respective paths, they carry with them not only a vision for their futures but also the invaluable skills and mindset to turn their dreams into reality. 

I can’t wait to see what they will accomplish.

Uganda scholars
Uganda scholars

Samaritan Scholars of all ages created life maps and vision boards after assessing their values, strengths, and ambitions.

Sonja M. Robinson, Program Director

Sonja holds a Ph.D. in Workforce Development and Education from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s in Communication for Social and Behavior Change from the University of the West Indies. She has played the roles of counselor, mentor, trainer, and educator. Sonja believes in living a life of purpose and service.

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