Most people who live in garbage dump communities have never seen a doctor.

Many families in the communities we serve are unable to get proper medical care. They are also consistently exposed to waste and pollutants in the garbage dumps and can lack access to proper nutrition and safe water. All of these combine to lower their average life expectancy to 35 years of age. International Samaritan aims to improve the health and well-being of people in these communities by working with local health care providers to increase access and addressing structural and environmental factors of health. This includes building and supporting medical and dental clinics, improving water and sanitation infrastructure, promoting health education and providing supplies to protect families from diseases such as Covid-19.

Providing aid through Medical Missions & Telemedicine.

We also provide opportunities for medical and dental professionals and regular people to assist us in providing health care in these communities through medical mission trips and telemedicine initiatives. These are cooperative efforts with professionals on the ground in order to provide the most sustainable and excellent care possible.  

If you’re interested in volunteering on a medical mission in the future or helping with a telemedicine initiative from your own home now, email Dan Piaskowski at or by filling out the form below. Due to COVID-19, we are currently only doing telemedicine initiatives.


We need all kinds of medical professionals.

Regardless of if you’re an internist, surgeon, pediatrician, dentist, dental assistant, pharmacist, nurse, medical assistant, or any other kind of medical professional – your help is valuable. Participating in our Telemedicine Days is free, and trip costs for Medical Missions are up to 100% tax deductible for all medical professionals.


We need more than just doctors.

For every one medical professional, we need two non-medical volunteers. For our Telemedicine Days, we are always looking for Spanish translators to assist, and on our Medical Missions, we always need both translators and on-hand assistants to help with sign-in, triage, scribing, and pharmacy. Any person who is 18 or older, or any person younger than 18 who is accompanied by an adult, is welcome to be part of a medical mission, regardless of medical experience.


Medical Missions don’t just change their lives – The change yours, too.

Many of the medical professionals and volunteers on our missions and Telemedicine Days are repeat attendees because their experience in these communities impacts them so much. Below are some of the testimonials of previous attendees:

Medical Missions like this allow you to come home and look at your own patients a different way. I think it’s very rewarding, both personally and professionally.

Dr. Harry Carr, M.D.

Guatemala, Summer 2017

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