My name is Terry. I am 13 years old and an 8th grader at [REDACTED] School. When I grow up, I want to be an engineer and get a well-paying job.

My mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer a couple of years ago. Before she got ill, she used to work as a washer, hand washing people’s clothes. She stopped working when her health got worse, and we had no income. We lived in poverty. The only time we got to eat was when people came to visit with food. My mother worried day and night about not having food on the table and for not being able to pay my school fees. Recently her health has gotten worse, and on top of that she makes herself sick with worry about the fact that she has nobody to help her raise us.

My mother always prays to God to help us through all of this, and finally her prayers were answered when International Samaritan came to our rescue. They gave me a scholarship which covers my school fees, my food, clean uniforms and all the school supplies I need. I even have a mentor to help me with my studies and was enrolled in a life-skill training program. My mother is still sick, but she is no longer making herself worse with worry, and we no longer are starving.

I am committed to my education and to becoming an Engineer. Thanks to your continued generosity, my journey will be easier. I thank you very much for all your help and guidance.

The Story of Ebo and Dani

This story is from and written from the perspective of Selam Terefe, our program director in Ethiopia.The first thing we noticed when we walked into Ebo’s one room house are the drawings posted on the clay walls: Some were drawn with pencil, others with pen, but they...

A Letter from Emanuel

Hello, I am Emanuel. I am 20 years old. When I was in my mother's womb, she did not want me to be born, so she hit her belly and took medication to cause a miscarriage, but I was born anyway. However, I was so badly damaged that when I was born I had to be...

A Letter from Selene

My name is Selene. I was born and raised in the countryside by my mother and stepfather. I was sexually abused by my stepfather. I was sleeping in my bed and in the middle of the night I found my stepfather next to me in the bed. I was shouting when he tried to...