Individual Opportunities

As a service immersion team member, you will have the opportunity to take part in the lives of those living in garbage dump poverty and to work hand in hand with them. Our goal is to raise awareness about garbage dump poverty but also to provide an experience that will change perspectives on poverty and lead volunteers to further compassion and action for the rest of their lives. Come and spend one week to help the poorest people in the world escape the garbage dump communities they live in.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities are for individuals who want to come out of their comfort zone and serve with families and kids in the garbage dump. For a week, you will be serving and spending time with people living in the garbage dump. Types of work vary based on location, and here are few examples of what you could be doing:

  • Home repairs for people in need
  • School renovations and construction
  • Build ecological stoves for families
  • English classes for Step by Step scholarship students
  • Interacting with local families and kids
Day 1 Travel day. Arrive at the retreat center.

Day 2 On-site orientation. Visit the garbage dump and previously completed projects. Meet the people you will be working with.

Day 3 Begin service projects.

Day 4 Continue serving.

Day 5 Complete the project.

Day 6 Excursion day. Visit the local area to learn the culture and history.

Day 7 Travel back home.

Contact Our Trip Coordinators

Phone: 734-222-0701

Email: Sarah Daniel ( or Daniel Piaskowski (