When we began asking our families to shelter in place two months ago, we didn’t know how they would do that in such close quarters.  When we told them we would get them the food and supplies they needed, we weren’t quite clear on how that would happen either.

Thank God, it’s all working out.  As just one example, when our high school scholars in Jamaica learned they couldn’t play the game of soccer that they love, they created a new game.  They call it Foot Volley, and it’s like soccer and volleyball put together, played by two people at a time with barrels between them to keep them six feet apart.

When strict shelter in place restrictions were lifted last weekend, our team leaders in Jamaica collected and distributed food to families.  If you watch this short video of them, you can almost feel the sun in it.

This Memorial Day weekend won’t be like any other in our lifetime, but I pray that your home is like those of our friends in Jamaica–that you have enough food on your table, and that you have a fun activity to do with a friend, even if you have to make it up.