Our Vision

A time when the garbage dumps of developing countries are no longer homes to human beings struggling to survive.

Stop and Change a Life

International Samaritan believes that every life is valuable and has worth. We believe in the example of the Good Samaritan, who stopped to help and ended up changing a life. In the developing world, thousands of children and families make their livelihoods by living in communities built on and around garbage dumps. Displaced by war, civil unrest, natural disasters, and other circumstances beyond their control, these individuals need us to act like the original Good Samaritan – stop and help. Annually, we serve more than 25,000 individuals across the globe, providing food, shelter, medical relief, and education to children and families living in garbage dump communities. International Samaritan’s families experience both short and long-term benefits, with better health outcomes, higher incomes, and higher levels of education. With the support of our generous donors and through the contributions of our volunteer partners, International Samaritan has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals on their journey to break the cycle of garbage dump poverty, and we will help thousands more until garbage dumps no longer serve as home to individuals in the developing world. 


Food and Shelter

Your donations fund food programs so people are no longer hungry. Dollars also go toward building dignified housing.

Medical Care

Most garbage dump community dwellers have never seen a doctor. Your donations provide people the care they desperately need.


Schools you support are places of love, caring, and learning. Local teachers and International Samaritan volunteers help students learn.

Schools and Nurseries

The garbage dump is a dangerous place. Your donations help build schools and nurseries where children can feel safe.

Vocational Training

Your gift to International Samaritan helps people learn marketable skills so they can provide for their families.