Each of us has a vocation—a unique mission to live the life God intends for us. If we discern that vocation, He will equip us with everything we need to live it out. My six siblings and I have incredible parents who taught us to live our God-given missions. My dad would say it was “God first, then family, then our business, then ourselves.” I believe that much of my vocation comes from that intersection of God, family, and business. 

An image from the Nairobi dumpsite in Kenya, taken by IntSam team members during their visit in April.

Our family’s foundation is a platform to help others and, by extension, share the Good News. In particular, the Lord has put care for the poor as a conviction in our hearts. That has been clear to us for most of our lives—that God’s call for the preferential option for the poor is part of our family mission. Jesus tells us that we will always have the poor with us, and we do in any area of our country. However, if you travel to a garbage dump in a developing nation, you can see life experiences, unlike material poverty in other areas. When whole families from youngest to oldest live in makeshift homes, picking through garbage for recycling for minimal daily sustenance, scrounging for food waste to eat, and having little or no access to clean water or educational opportunities, it is hard to imagine a more hopeless situation. These conditions make our moral obligation to help clear. 

International Samaritan serves the poorest of the poor, who live near and work in garbage dumps. By forming scholars and caring for their families, we invest not only in a person, a family, or a community, we invest in our humanity. Our mission is beautiful, and it is amazing how even a little help can bring incredible hope to these hopeless situations. Our scholars graduate and serve their communities, raising their families and nations to love God and serve others. 

IntSam scholars continue to thrive in Ethiopia, finding their callings through IntSam programs in art, literature, music, sports, and more.

Our family is privileged to help International Samaritan build on its successful eight-year-old Ethiopian operation. Currently, 247 of IntSam’s 800 scholars live in Ethiopia and have flourished under the leadership of Selam Terefe and her team. We have an incredible opportunity to take the seeds we’ve planted in Ethiopia and to plant them in new operations in Kenya and Uganda.  Selam, and IntSam’s President, Mike Tenbusch, are uniquely gifted to lead this work. The 33 people working directly in our communities outside the U.S. and the seven U.S. staff leaders are living out Jesus’ mission to serve the poor—and so is everyone who helps. 

International Samaritan’s work of helping our scholars escape generational poverty is performed with expertise and love by our exceptional team. And while we now serve in eight communities, we know that there are 80 more that could use our help. That’s what’s in front of us. Our family has been blessed through our relationship with International Samaritan. They do work that we don’t have the skills and abilities to do, so supporting them is helping us to live out our mission. I pray for the same blessing and mission for you.

Team IntSam has added the Kenyan and Ugandan flags to the front porch!

Dan Weingartz, Chairman of IntSam’s Board

Dan Weingartz is a long-time supporter of IntSam and has served as the leader of our Board of Trustees since 2020. If his name sounds familiar, it might be because you bought a snowblower from him, as his family has operated Weingartz stores for 70 years now. Dan and the Weingartz Family Foundation are responsible for both the Weingartz Family Life Center in Ethiopia and IntSam’s African expansion.

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