about Nicaragua

Location: Central America

Language: Spanish

Nicaragua, set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is a Central American nation known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes and beaches. Unfortunately, the primary thing it’s known for right now is the civil unrest that broke out in 2018 and continues to persist. Many of our efforts are currently on hold in Nicaragua due to limitations on Americans traveling to Nicaragua. 

About LaChureca in Managua, nicaragua

After an earthquake devastated Nicaragua in 1972, killing thousands of residents, this dumpsite grew exponentially.  As metals and materials were dumped at the site as part of the nation’s recovery efforts, an industry blossomed as unemployed people scavenged for anything of value they could find.  The site now takes in about 430,000 tons annually and is located a stone’s throw from Lake Managua, making it the most contaminate lake in Central America.  A population of 700,000 people live within a six mile radius of the dump.  The site is in the process of being converted to a more professionalized waste management system by the government, presenting a challenge to the 1,200 waste pickers, who were active at the site.

What we do here

Give Scholarships

We currently support the education of over 100 students from Ethiopia through our Paso a Paso scholarship Program.

Build Homes

We build homes for families that don’t have them through a mix of volunteer work and contracting local businesses.


We advocate for the individuals in garbage dump communities by bringing their stories back with us to the U.S.

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