By Mike Tenbusch | November 04, 2022

Yesterday, I ran my third IntSam Global 5K in as many weeks.  This time it was with our scholars in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, along with a powerful team of new friends from Grace Community Church in Detroit.  While recovering after the race, I was caught off guard when Lester, a 16-year-old scholar who won the race and who wants to become an airplane pilot, approached me and called a translator over to make sure I understood what he had to say.
“Don’t stop doing this,” Lester told me.  I was a little uncertain what he was referring to, and he sensed my confusion.  His voice grew stronger.
“Keep doing the race.  We really need water.  And next year, I want to run again.  I want to run to help bring water to other nations,” Lester said.
Lester’s gratitude, and his commitment to help others, is inspired by the support of more than a thousand people who have run or donated to help raise more than $205,000 so far.  A few weeks ago, we began building the trenches to bring fresh water to 400 homes for the first time in the history of the Buen Samaritano community. Everywhere we went in the community this week, the people there asked us to let you to know that they thank God for you and pray that He blesses you for helping them. 
As we go into the final weekend of the great IntSam Global 5K, we want to thank you and to share some images from races across the globe.  Fresh water is at the finish line, and it’s within reach!

Some of the Great IntSam Global 5K’s Highlights from Around the World…

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