By Mike Tenbusch | November 5, 2020

While we in the US wait patiently for election results, our friends across the world are confronting different challenges.  Hurricane Eta has pummeled Nicaragua and Honduras since Tuesday afternoon.  Driving rains and rising rivers present life-threatening conditions. 

In Ethiopia yesterday, Prime Minister Abiy sent troops into the Tigray region to respond to attacks on a military base there by people living in that region.  Abiy addressed his nation on TV yesterday, stating, “Force is being used as the last measure to save the people and the country.” 

These are difficult times, and your prayers are needed. 

Here in the U.S., the unrelenting heaviness of the pandemic along with our political divisions and uncertain future can make it feel like things are getting irreparably worse.  I’m writing to encourage you today that they are not. 

People like you are making our world better.  Over the last few weeks, 650 people from 32 states and 17 nations ran a 5K or walked a mile to help someone they may never meet.  Think about that. 

What is there in the human spirit that stirs us to go out of our way, sometimes painfully so, to do something or to give some of what we have to others?

The answer lies in one of the photos below.  Be the first to email me the answer, and I’ll send you a $25 Uber Eats gift card for a little shelter in place treat.  (There is an actual “correct” answer here, but only one my of editors found it.)

Karen in Honduras, whose letter inspired this race, carrying the torch for her peers while Daury carries the the flag of their nation.

Chris Lindsey before the run with his family. Chris is a long-time trustee of International Samaritan and one of the students from St. John’s Jesuit in the car trip to Guatemala’s dump in 1994 that gave rise to the organization.

Students and staff of Loyola High School in front of the Spirit of Detroit statue after their run.

Young scholarship students in Jamaica warming up before their run.

Tom Vincent, far right, with his family, after their run.  Tom’s law firm, Plunkett Cooney, became the fastest law firm in the world during this race.

Regis Jesuit in Denver, with over 100 students running, established itself as the fastest Jesuit School in America.

Fifteen students in Guatemala were the first to get their tablets this week.  Four hundred more to go.

Our new race coordinator, Tucker, dressed as Winnie the Pooh, far left, with his wife, three kids and friends doing life and running this race together.  Welcome to the team, Tuck!

Email me if you found the answer to the question above from the pictures above.  And please prayerfully consider making a donation to help our scholarship teams finish this race among the top 5 teams.  They are still woefully behind.  You can see their status and donate to them by clicking here.

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