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Over 400 youth have enrolled in alternative education and entered workplace. Hear about their success stories here. 

Photo credit: Timothy Bouldry

Josefa’s Story

“From the time I was a little girl living in the garbage dump, I wanted to work in an office. Thanks to International Samaritan I was able to attend school. Now I am an accountant and make enough money to help my family.”

– Josefa, an alumni from the Step by Step Scholarship Program in Guatemala City. 

Francisco’s Story

Francisco graduated from the Step by Step Scholarship Program in 2012 with dreasm of becoming an engineer. Now 23 years old, he works for Indy Motos Guatemala. He is taking classes to become an industrial engineer, and was even the frist member of his family to buy a car.

Francisco continues to set goals for himself in pursuit of becoming “better everyday.” He said, “With the support of the scholarship, there is another path for my life.” Francisco now has a job, an opportunity to go to college, and a car, instead of a life spent working in the dump. 


Help our graduates continue to find employment in professional fields such as nursing, health care, education, mechanical engineering, translation, tourism, hospitality, law, accounting, and food preparation.