Last week I wrote to you about the pressing need for food and water for all 621 families we support around the world.  Eighty-eight people have responded so far with a total of almost $30,000 in donations. This is amazing and beautiful to me, but it covers the cost of just less than half our families at $100 per family for a month. I’m writing to you now to ask those of you who can to help us get another 300 families covered.

Your support matters.  In developing communities across the world, the lack of work and food caused by government ordered shutdowns is causing unrest and uncertainty because of how many people survive daily in the informal economies.  We have assured the 621 families in the International Samaritan community that this is not a fear that they need to face, and our teams in each nation are making good on that promise, delivering supplies to them at regular intervals.  Please help us and them by CLICKING HERE to support one or more families at $100 per month per family.  

To get a sense of how much your gift matters, please see the clear relief evident in the smiles of families in Honduras who received their supplies over the last couple weeks. 

The video above was created and narrated by Juan David, a high school student in our scholarship program.  Some of you may be familiar with his name because he did an interview with us in 2017, which we’ve included below.  Fourteen years ago, Juan David was abandoned by his mother in the garbage dump outside of San Pedro Sula shortly after she gave birth to him there.  A helpless infant, he faced certain death within hours, but for a few Samaritans who saw him and ran to the village to find someone who would care for him.  An angel named Rosa stepped forward, and she has been the only mother he has ever known to this day. Their family has had food on the table, and Juan David has had a good school to attend, because of Samaritans like you who have financially supported our mission through the years.

There are more than 300 families who still need support in this very vulnerable time.  Please help them by CLICKING HERE to learn more or to donate today via the button below.

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