Go the Distance

for Distance Learning

By Mike Tenbusch

Every year, International Samaritan supports over 500 students in extreme poverty around the world by providing them with academic scholarships.

But at the start of the 2020 school year, over 300 of our scholars will face a major barrier to continuing their education as their schools switch to distance learning. 

In order for them to stay in school, we need to equip these students with computers and wifi access in their homes before their school year begins.

So we are holding our first ever global, virtual 5K to raise the funds to equip these students to stay in school.

By Hannah Wickham

All proceeds from the 5K go towards equipping these students with home computers and wifi access before their school year begins.

How it Works

By Hannah Wickham

Raise Your Entrance Fee.

The entrance fee is $320 per person, which is the cost of one wifi-enabled tablet for one scholar. You can register individually or as a team of 2-7 people. 


Register to Participate.

By Hannah Wickham

Join the Race.

Pick a day between October 15th and November 1st to use your tracker to submit your race time. 

Ohio: Ohio State University, University of Toledo

Michigan: University of Michigan

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