Days to Commemorate

This week we celebrated Juneteenth, a day that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. We thought it was worth sharing a few of the celebrations in our partner communities. These celebrations either commemorate milestones or are intended to raise awareness so that changes can be made.

World Day Against Child Labour

World Day Against Child Labour

Samaritan Scholars with their family and friends marched to show their support in the effort to end child labor. Scholars in both San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, Honduras, marched with their communities.

Special Day: World Day Against Child Labour
The International Labour Organization launched the World Day Against Child Labour in 2002 to focus attention on the global extent of child labour and the action and efforts needed to eliminate it.
Date: June 12
Program Director: Erika Cuevas, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

How did you celebrate or commemorate the day? 
We held a march in the Ocotillo sector to raise awareness. The scholarship recipients and parents were present and made their own posters to raise awareness about the risks that boys and girls face in different high-risk jobs. In our case, through the Step by Step scholarship program, we have contributed to eradicating child labor: no more boys, girls, and young people working in landfills.

In the afternoon, a civic event was held. The young people from the Samaritans for Life graduate network, directed by Juan David, gave presentations related to child labor. 

There was also a drama presentation by mothers and scholarship recipients. The dramatization represented three families that work in the landfill and was based on real-life experiences. They talked about the step-by-step program, how they are supported through the program, and how the results have been a great success. Many of the young people who worked at the landfill are now professionals with permanent work.

It’s thanks to God and to International Samaritan that we have seen fruits.   

Martyrs Day

Martyrs Day-Uganda

The Permanent Secretary for Trade Unions in Uganda led a mentorship session for the families of our scholars (left). Samaritan Scholars and their families received food supplies on Martyrs Day (right).

Special Day: Martyrs Day
Martyrs Day in Uganda honours the unwavering faith and bravery of 45 Ugandans who were executed in 1886. These 23 Anglican and 22 Catholic converts to Christianity in the Kingdom of Buganda, now part of modern Uganda, were martyred on the orders of the then-king for their refusal to renounce their Christian faith.
Date: June 3
Country Director: David Kafambe

How did you celebrate or commemorate the day?
At our center, we chose to honour this significant day in a unique and impactful way. Our Samaritan Scholars and their families gathered to receive food baskets, fostering a sense of community and support. Engaging conversations were held, reflecting on the martyrs’ legacy and its relevance today.

The highlight of our celebration was a powerful mentorship session led by Ezra Kanyana, the Permanent Secretary for Trade Unions in Uganda. His words inspired and motivated everyone present, emphasising the importance of faith, unity, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Our celebration honoured the lasting spirit of the Uganda Martyrs, showing us the power and strength that comes from firm faith. By remembering their legacy, we also brought our community closer together, capturing the true meaning of Martyrs Day.

Labour Day

Labour Day-Jamaica

Samaritan Scholars in Jamaica celebrated Labour Day by painting and spring cleaning the offices.

Special Day: Labour Day
Labour Day in Jamaica is a day dedicated to honoring the contributions and achievements of the nation’s workers.
Date: May 23
Program Director: Sonja M. Robinson, Ph.D.

How did you celebrate or commemorate the day?
Labour Day has become synonymous with community service and involvement. It is a day when Jamaicans from all walks of life come together to work on various projects aimed at improving their surroundings and fostering a sense of unity and collective effort.

This year, the scholars and parents of International Samaritan Jamaica decided to take part in Labour Day by engaging in several meaningful projects. They completed the painting and overall spring cleaning of the offices, ensuring that the space was refreshed and welcoming. Additionally, they worked on a garden that had been planted earlier in the year, tending to the plants and ensuring the garden’s upkeep.

The turnout for these activities was overwhelming, with a strong sense of community spirit. The result was a day filled with gratitude and pride, showcasing the power of collective action and community involvement. The activities carried out on this day serve as a reminder of the importance of labour to the nation’s development and the enduring spirit of volunteerism that defines Jamaican society.

30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary website

At International Samaritan, we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary all summer long. Please join our celebration by leaving a favorite memory or some encouragement or inspiration on this anniversary website. Thank you for helping us to make it to 30!

Note: if the website asks for a PIN, please use 9309.

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Erika Cuevas, Program Director, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Erika has a degree in Management and Social Development. She has been working with International Samaritan since 2016 and before that she worked with at-risk children and youth for thirteen years. Her work consistently focuses on eradicating child labor in the municipal garbage dumps.

David Kafambe, Uganda Country Director

David has more than 15 years of leadership experience and a deep knowledge of East Africa. He specializes in managing and developing organizations in development and humanitarian contexts. He has degrees in Community Development, Business Administration, and an M.B.A.

Sonja M. Robinson, Program Director, Jamaica

Sonja holds a Ph.D. in Workforce Development and Education from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s in Communication for Social and Behavior Change from the University of the West Indies. She has played the roles of counselor, mentor, trainer, and educator. Sonja believes in living a life of purpose and service.

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