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Updated: May 21, 2020

  • COVID-19 has 3,100 confirmed cases, 151 deaths in Honduras.
  • All schools and non-essential businesses are closed and people must stay inside under Martial law. School closures mean that most food assistance programs for children are also suspended.
  • Grocery stores and markets are closed and only open when the government provides permission to do so.
  • Honduras has closed its borders to most other nations, including the United States.
  • No public transportation is available in the country.



Updated: May 21, 2020

Our team in Honduras has been working to assist the community, with efforts including:

  • Providing masks and latex gloves to students and their families.
  • Presenting on and distributing public Health information and flyers about the spread and prevention of COVID-19.
  • Providing much needed food baskets to scholarship recipients and their families.

families need support in Honduras


$100 will keep a family safe for a whole month.

Those we serve are having to choose between being exposed to COVID-19 if they go to work or imminent starvation if they don’t.  Our relief fund is to keep them from having to go to work in the dump for a full month, which costs $100 per family.

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Updates from San pedro sula & tegucigalpa

Below we have created a timeline of the updates we have received from our in-country leaders.

Door-to-door teaching

Date: April 21, 2020

We received the following update from Erika, our Program Director in San Pedro Sula, Honduras:


This week, with the support of young volunteers, we continued talks talks on COVID-19, going from house to house. explaining what is the covid, how to prevent this virus among other important factors to be taken into account as families.

In addition, they are explaining very important issues such as the puberty, changes in children, focusing on personal hygiene, proper use of sanitary towels for girls, among other important points in the development of the beneficiaries. These visits help the  families to know that they have the Program supporting them in everything they need — even more in these times we are living in the world, where there is fear, anxiety, depression among other things. We help each other.

Washing hands

Date: April 14, 2020

We received the following update from Erika, our Program Director in San Pedro Sula, Honduras:
In San Pedro Sula they began to open supermarkets, pharmacies, and banks according to the end of the stay-at-home order date of this past Sunday. Each day people can begin to mobilize depending on the last number of their identification cards (Monday- #1, Tuesday #2, etc.)
Attached are videos of scholarship students and their parents demonstrating the technique to hand washing and applying antibacterial gel, while singing their favorite song. 

Hello from a scholar in tegucigalpa

Date: April 6, 2020

Included is an update from one of our scholars in Tegucigalpa, taken by Ronia, who leads our program in that community.

IS: What is your name? 

K: Katerine 

IS: Katerine what? 

K: Katerine Vanessa Torres Espinal

IS: And where do you live?

K: I live in the Buen Samaritano neighborhood (Good Samaritan).

IS: And do you know about the situation that we are going through in this country?

K: Yes.

IS: Do you know the name of the disease? 

K: Coronavirus

IS: And do you know what is “shelter in place”?

K: Yes. 

IS: What is it? 

K: That we can’t leave our homes. 

IS: And what have you been doing to prevent the disease? 

K: Not leaving my home, washing my hands–only washing my hands with soap because we don’t have anti-bacterial gel, we don’t have masks because supplies are low, and we can’t bvuy them because they are expensive–so we only wash with soap. 

IS: Do you know if there is public transportation? Can you leave here and go to the city? 

K: No, because of the virus there is no public transportation, there is no pharmacy open, there is nothing. 

IS: Thank you, Katerine.

Messages from San Pedro Sula

Date: March 27, 2020

After our donation drive in San Pedro Sula, we heard back from several families with thank you messages. We’ve included two below:

From Luiz Alonzo and his Family (Top):

May God support you with His strength, that His heart always continues to be with this wonderful program, and that my son Luis Alonzo continues to be a part of this blessing. I hope to God that He allows for your heart to continue helping families in Honduras. Thank you.

From Johny Enrique and his Family (Bottom):

First, thank you God for this blessing given to us at this difficult time with the virus and sickness that we knew would come because it is written in the Bible. I thank God and every person who has helped us. Thank you to Erika, and bless International Samaritan, may God bless you and your family. I am grateful for this blessing that you have given us because I didn’t think this help would be possible for all the difficulties we face. Thank you God, may the Lord bless you. Thank you International Samaritan.



Date: March 24, 2020

Our Honduran Country Director, Erika Cuevas, contacted us to tell us about our team’s efforts to provide our scholars in San Pedro Sula with aid: 

“I send photographs of the delivery of provisions to the families of Ocotillo. The delivery was made at the Sol de Justicia Church, with the permission of Pastor Melvin Javier Tejada., who lent us the premises for food distribution.

Thank God we had no problem, with the security measures that were made known to us in previous days through the authorities. Following the rules some families were summoned, and the line was made with a meter of distance each person. We used the [masks and gloves] that were indicated to us to do these activities such as organizations, wineries, health personnel, etc. Later we made deliveries to the houses during the afternoon and at night with the support of the young volunteers.

Families send them deep thanks for watching out for them. The food is a great great support for them in these moments that we are going through as a country, and worldwide. , food at the moment is difficult to find, since they are closed, supermarkets, markets … some only serve at home. They have not been able to mobilize either, they are not working.

They received with great joy the provision of food, attached you will see their gratitude and happiness.”

Through their efforts, we were able to provide aid to dozens of our scholars and their families.

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