Protect the Most Vulnerable Communities in the World from COVID-19

“If people must choose between a 10% chance of dying if they go to work and assured starvation if they stay at home, they are bound to choose work.”

For $100/family

you can completely cover their costs of living for one month.

The Math.

International Samaritan has 621 families with children in our scholarship program, and it costs $100 per month per family for the food, water and sanitation supplies they need.  That means, to keep them all alive, safe, and healthy, we need to raise $62,100 for each month that our families need to shelter in place.

Families supported by IntSam worldwide

Cost in USD to shelter in place for a month

amount we need to raise per month of COVID-19

The Need.

The Coronavirus poses particularly devastating possibilities for families who make their living in and near garbage dump communities:  while the current infection fatality rate in the U.S. is about 1%, the infection fatality rate in developing countries is estimated to be roughly 10% due to a lack of access to needed resources.  Our failure to act now could lead to a catastrophic loss of life for them.

People in these communities lack

access to sanitation measures like running water, soap, and accessible shower facilities.

People in these communities lack

the ability to quarantine from others due to their homes being built too close together, often without proper windows or doors.

People in these communities lack

the ability to practice social distancing, as their homes are usually only one-room and beds are shared.

People in these communities lack

any monetary savings, as those in these communities make, on average, less than $2 a day.

People in these communities lack

access to refrigeration, so any perishable food that is purchased cannot be stored. This leads to severe malnutrition.

People in these communities lack

the luxury of staying home from work, but the dumps are extremely high risk locations for carrying COVID-19.

People in these communities lack

access to medical care to receive both testing and help for COVID-19, despite being vulnerable to the virus due to chronic respiratory problems caused by proximity to the dumps.

Our Response.

To halt the spread and impact of COVID-19 in the communities we serve, we are asking families across five nations to shelter in place. In exchange, our teams are supplying them with food, water, and sanitation supplies. So far we have been able to help our families shelter in place since April 2020.

The Ask.

We ask you to help these 621 families get through perhaps the most dangerous time they will ever face by supporting one of these families for one month.

COVID-19 Emergency action

$100 will keep a family safe for a whole month.

Those we serve are having to choose between being exposed to COVID-19 if they go to work or imminent starvation if they don’t.  Our relief fund is to keep them from having to go to work in the dump for a full month, which costs $100 per family.

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