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Mike Tenbusch

Wow, Did You Show Up!

Just over a month ago, we asked you and 2,900 other people like you in the International Samaritan community across the world to give money during a time of economic uncertainty.   The dual threat of COVID-19 and of starvation hovered over 621 families of our scholarship students who were being asked to shelter in place.  We needed to raise $62,100 to cover their food, water and sanitation supplies costs for a month—a huge stretch goal for sure.

And, wow, did you come through!

More than 240 people have given $73,325 so far to completely cover these families through all of April and well into the month of May.  Your love means so much.  It has given peace and sustenance to people in perilous places.  Nobody wants to work in the dump right now, and nobody wants to let them for fear of what germs they may catch and spread.  You are helping them through this.

Thank you for reminding us all that we will get through this together.  I hope you enjoy this video of the impact you made possible.

63 Families Still Need You!

Just over a month ago, our team leaders in five nations began telling 621 families who have children in our scholarship program: Stop going to work. Stay home and stay safe.  You have friends around the world who will pitch in to make sure you have the food and water you need to make it through.

Those families have done so, our teams have gotten them the supplies they need, and you have shown up to cover the costs in inspirational ways.  So far, 145 people have given almost $56,000, leaving us $6,300 (or 63 families) short of their need.

It costs $100 for a family for food and water for a month, and every dollar helps.  If you haven’t done so already, can you please go on-line now to help cover one family or more BY CLICKING HERE

If you do, you’ll be joining people like:   

  • A family in Australia that has been praying for Juan David in Honduras since first hearing about him in 2017.   They gave $400 after seeing the video he recently created about your help in Honduras.  

  • Students from Marian High School in Birmingham, Michigan who have asked their friends and family members to help. They have been a huge blessing to dozens of families in Guatemala whom they know through years of service there.

  • Doctors, nurses and other volunteers from California to New York who have served on medical missions with us and have given $10,300 so far. 

  • One of the students who was on the original trip to Guatemala in 1994 that gave rise to International Samaritan as well as the woman who funded the first homes we built there the following year.

Student travelers, their parents and chaperones from across the country stepped up.  Medical Mission volunteers stepped up.  A family in Australia stepped up.  Longtime donors stepped up.  Will you?

By joining these amazing people, you’ll be saving lives and bringing security and hope to people living in dangerous conditions.

Please CLICK HERE to help cover a family today.  One hundred percent of your gift will go directly to their needs.

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