By Mike Tenbusch | December 28, 2022

Daniel Castelanos has not had an easy life.  He was abandoned at the dumpsite in Tegucigalpa when he was nine years old.  For two years, he slept on a piece of cardboard in the dump and foraged through trash for food to eat each day.  He made flower pots out of old tires that he sold to get by until tragedy struck when he was 11.

Danny recalls, “While I was with my childhood friends waiting for someone to give us something to eat, a dump truck arrived with an amazing haul of food.  I ran ahead of my friends to be able to get the best of it, but it didn’t go well for me.  I fell from the back while the truck was reversing.  The tires ran over me from my feet to my waist.”
Suffering from shock, Danny woke up in a hospital with only minor injuries, but still no home to go to.  He asked one of his aunts for help.  She took him in and gave him a job helping her sell tortillas.  A church ministry eventually helped him to finish high school and even start college.  When their funds ran out, we were able to step in and help Danny get through the last three years of university.

For some time now, Danny has been dating his high school sweetheart.  He’s known for a long time that he wants to marry her, but he wanted to prove himself worthy first.  So, the very first thing he did after getting a bachelor’s in business management a few weeks ago was to invite his closest friends to share this moment with him…

Experience this special moment from Danny’s graduation party

Danny and his fiancée, Julissa

The miracle of Danny’s turnaround was supported by complete strangers: People like you who give to our holistic scholarship program for him and 800 scholars last year.  We need some miracles to finish the year well.  Please prayerfully consider giving generously before the year’s end to be a miracle for someone like Danny next year.

Danny with his friends

Danny on graduation day

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