Thank you International Samaritan for this grand blessing you’ve given us, because as a single mother I don’t have the resources needed to provide for my children right now. I am thankful for your organization, your donors, and each participant of your organization. I bless you in the name of all powerful Jesus.

Senora Chavez, September 2020

United Nations

International Samaritan was granted consultative status with the United Nations in 2011: This status was renewed in 2019.

816 SCHOLARS around the world

are currently being supported through our Paso a Paso scholarship program. Our scholarships are not only academic: they cover clothing, materials, and transportation, as well as feed the scholar’s entire family so the scholar doesn’t feel pressured to leave school to work. We have also put the majority of our grade-school scholars into private school, giving them the best education possible. Our scholarships follow students from as early as pre-kindergarten through college or trade school.

247 Scholars

in Ethiopia

137 Scholars


142 Scholars


75 Scholars


215 Scholars


By Hannah Wickham
By Hannah Wickham
By Hannah Wickham

Over 200 service immersions completed

International Samaritan was founded after a service immersion experience. To honor this, we have conducted more than 200 service immersions for the next generation over our 25 year history.

But we won’t stop at service immersions.

To promote sustained solidarity between our partner groups in the U.S. and our communities abroad, we’re shifting our model starting in 2021: No longer are our partnerships limited to a one-week service immersion, but now all of our partners are engaged in a year-round partnership curriculum called Learn, Serve, Grow, where service immersions are just one facet of cross-cultural engagement. This new curriculum is geared at creating closer bonds between our partners and our international communities. Learn more about Learn, Serve, Grow here.

Franki Lizcano

As a Mexican-American, doing service in a predominantly Latino community hit home for me. At times, I saw myself in the kids, noting many similarities that I had not expected prior to going. We had similar hopes, desires, and dreams. The only difference was their quality of life, which was drastically different than mine. The children were undoubtedly more tenacious, courageous, and wise than I was when I was their age. They showed me the inherent dignity of all of humanity and how, at our core, we’re much more alike than what our eyes can perceive. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had that opportunity. Que dios los bendiga a todos los guatemaltecos y a todos los jóvenes latinos. Estamos con ustedes.

Merell Jwaida

The people I spent time with in Guatemala will always have a special place in my heart, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to spend time with them. I will never forget the bonds I made with the people of Guatemala, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I hope that the people of Guatemala are safe and I hope to visit again soon.

Patrick sheehan

I loved the trip for the immersion of it; learning to appreciate language, culture, and history is so important to develop an understanding of a system in my own country that’s a work in progress. Ultimately, my experience led me to choose a Jesuit university, so I’m able to make more opportunities for myself to establish bonds like I did in Guatemala.

Ilan Atisha

It was an amazing experience. During that week, I became friends with people who have impacted my life more than they will ever know.

Brenna Prem

Something I will never forget about traveling to Guatemala was the children we met while volunteering at a school. They were the happiest kids I have ever seen even though they lived such a difficult life. I learned how important it is to appreciate your family and friends and how material items mean so little in reality. I will forever appreciate all of the life lessons I learned and never forget the memories I made.

Harika Kolluri

The highlight of the trip for me was definitely visiting and learning about the local co-ops in San Juan that were entirely run by women. At the same time, I was also challenged by the poverty and conditions I had witnessed in Escuintla and the discussions my group had regarding the impacts of voluntourism, immigration, and the political state of the country. Overall, it was an experience that I will never forget and am forever grateful to have had.

Christian DeDi

I went to Chinautla, Guatemala with a group of my classmates in order to learn about the social injustices that many people face all over the world. We built bathrooms for several of the families in the community while also working on some other projects in order to improve the living situation of many of the households. My group was met with nothing but kindness and it was amazing to see how people from two completely different worlds could find common ground and make such deep connections. This trip is where my love for serving international communities was born and I hope that I can continue to serve and educate myself on social injustices around the world. I would return in a second.

over 10,000 medical patients served

In the past 10 years, International Samaritan has provided care through both medical missions and partnerships with local medical clinics. We have served over 10,000 patients through our medical missions alone. Our initiatives have offered needed emergency medical and dental care to many individuals, as well as nearly eradicated certain pervasive medical conditions in our communities. For example, at the beginning of 2020, the community of Chinautla reported a 94% reduction of their major scabies outbreak after our work in their community.

But COVID has changed our model.

The Coronavirus pandemic has shown the overwhelming need in our communities for aid that goes beyond medical missions and partnerships. In 2020, we expanded our health and wellness initiatives. Our model now encompasses:

medical missions & telemedicine

building & partnering with local clinics

clean water initiatives

Nutritional aid & education

Sanitary aid & education

mental health initiatives

Above and beyond in emergency relief

In 2020, International Samaritan turned our entire focus into providing emergency relief for our communities, completely revising our budget to offer as much assistance as possible. We’re continuing to offer relief through 2021 as well. Our emergency relief efforts include:

technology for distance learning

In October 2020, we raised over $100,000 for tablets and stable internet for scholars whose schools switched to distance learning.

comprehensive aid to shelter in place

Aid packages have been delivered monthly to every scholar’s family since April 2020 and will continue through December 2021.

hurricane relief

In the wake of hurricanes Ita and Iota, we are working to restore the homes harmed or destroyed in our Central American communities.

Roger, paso a paso scholar

2020 was very challenging for my educational career. My entire 11th grade year was completely online. In spite of the pandemic, I didn’t neglect my coursework. Each day I showed up for class and completed my assignments. The Paso a Paso Program was always on my side and helped me gain access to the Internet. For me, staying on top of my coursework was a major achievement because I continued to move towards my goal of graduating.

Santos, Paso a Paso Parent

As a single father, the monthly food baskets have been a huge blessing.  During the six months of quarantine, the Paso a Paso Program was always present and provided the monthly food baskets. This is how we survived. During the quarantine, we could stay home safe and sound without worrying about food, thanks to the Paso a Paso Program.

Thank you to all of our donors, supporters, and volunteers who made all of this possible. We couldn’t have done any of this without you.


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