Breaking news this week included a house fire in the home of one of our Paso a Paso scholarship students, Pablo. “We (Pablo and his two sisters) were sleeping when then our neighbor called to us and then we were running, running to get away,” Pablo said. “We were very scared.” It has been a tough year for the three children as their mother passed on earlier in the year and now they are dealing with the trauma of watching their home burn to the ground.

Erika, our in-country staff shared more details, “Thank God they are fine, but it was a big scare since the fire was noticed by a neighbor who was close to the place. Because he noticed the flames in seconds, they were able to leave unharmed but the children are still nervous after having seen such a situation.” Since witnessing the fire, Pablo has been very worried and is having trouble settling back into his daily routine.

“At the moment they are staying at the house of an aunt of Pablo, who is nearby,” said Erika. “They will sleep there while waiting for help to rebuild their house.” Pablo and his sister lost their school supplies, clothes, uniforms and shoes, among other things. “We already showed up at the school to ask that they be excused,” Erika continued, “and we are asking for help to buy new school clothes and a bed for Pablo.” 

If you would like to make a donation to replace their school supplies, buy a new bed for the children or to help them rebuild, note “Emergency Fund” on your donation We will share an update once they begin to rebuild.