Eduar grew up playing and rummaging in the garbage dumps of Ocotillo sector in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. From a young age he sold the items he collected to help pay for his education since his parents couldn’t afford everything the family needed.

In 2016 International Samaritan stepped in and offered Eduar a scholarship which enabled him to graduate and complete a certificate in Business Administration. He recently shared a post-graduation update with our Paso a Paso (Step by Step) staff in Honduras, “In August of the year 2017 I started working in a “TEXACO” service station as a fuel dispatcher,” he continued, “after a month and a half I was promoted to track boss #2.”

Eduar said, “With your support I have been able to overcome my situation little by little. Now I am helping my parents with what I contribute for the home and our food. My parents are proud of what I have done.” In addition to escaping life in the garbage dump, Eduar now volunteers in the International Samaritan Step by Step program which changed his life. In Eduar’s own words, “Studying today we make the success of tomorrow.”