Mothers of Step by Step Scholarship students in Ethiopia started a Women’s Group that collectively owns a poultry business. They raise over 150 chickens together and sell the eggs to support their families. The Chicken and Egg project was self-initiated by the moms, and they recently bought an additional cage that will hold up to 100 more chickens.

One of the mothers, Leyla, has shared her story with us before. She moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia after she lost a leg in an accident. There she started begging, but once she had children she went to work in the Kore garbage dump to provide food for her family and to make sure her kids could stay in school. Her children started receiving Step by Step scholarships, and that allowed her time to join the women’s group and raise the chickens for another source of income that is less dangerous than working in the dump. Leyla receives $12 USD per month from selling eggs, and she no longer has to beg or work in the dump to support her family.

Watch Leyla’s story

With the addition of these 100 chickens, she and the other mothers will be able to make more income. Leyla shared an update about her family and the vision she has for her life now that she is free from the dump.

“My daughter goes to college. After two years she is going to graduate and she is going to be the first college graduate from the family. All her material needs are being taken care of by International Samaritan. This gives me time to focus on what I want to do with my life. Now with the other mothers we get over 200 eggs per day and we sell it to the local shop. We save 30% of our profit and the rest we share among ourselves. I am physically challenged and collecting the garbage is challenging for me. The chicken and egg project is what I do with passion and I support my family and myself with the income I make,” says Leila who is the mother of Medina Birzu.