One of our Step by Step scholarship students in Honduras, unexpectedly lost his mother this weekend. We are very saddened by this news and extend our prayers and support to Pablo and his siblings.

Pablo Mejia is nine years old and currently in the fourth grade at the International Samaritan school in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. He is a very intelligent child, a fighter, and a young entrepreneur. In the mornings before going to school and on weekends he goes out to sell vegetables and fruits. Wholesalers sell him their leftover produce at a low cost, then he takes them home and cleans them to take them out to sell. He collects cans, copper, and anything else in the garbage dump that he can sell. He learned this from his mother because when he was very little he would go with her to sell these same items. It is the same thing that Pablo does today. He saves up for household expenses and to have money to help his little sisters.

Pedro and his siblings at his mother’s funeral.

Pablo has a Step by Step scholarship from International Samaritan. Since his mother’s passing, Pablo needs additional funds to buy clothes, food, shoes, and items for personal use so he does not have to quit school to work full time. The scholarship program also gives him constant moral support because he is facing a very difficult situation at home at this time. When he is ready to return to his classes his teachers and program directors are waiting for him. They ask, as always, for prayers for Pablo and his sisters.
We are asking for your help to cover funeral expenses for Pablo’s mother, food, clothing, and household expenses for Pablo and his siblings. Please consider donating to ensure that Pablo will be able to stay in school to build a better future for him and his family. Thank you.

At left, Pablo sells bags of produce in Ocotillo sector, San Pedro Sula, Honduras.