Bill Pulte was there from the very beginning of International Samaritan’s mission; his generosity benefited thousands of children and families living in garbage dump poverty.  After returning from Guatemala in 1994, Father Don Vettese, S.J. shared with Bill what he witnessed – the horrific conditions of the Guatemala City garbage dump.

Bill and Karen were invited to come and see the conditions of garbage dump poverty, and they made the first of many visits to the community. Moved beyond words, Bill opened his heart to International Samaritan’s mission. As the biggest home builder in the United States, Bill instantly recognized the needs families had. They were living next to the trash dump in houses with dirt floors, no plumbing or toilet, walls made of cardboard and plastic, roofs made of corrugated metal with holes, electrical wires dangling from wooden branches, and rope holding each dwelling together. Bill was quickly motivated to help and he understood the value of a home for familes to live in, so he generously provided homes to the people living in the garbage dump of Guatemala City. As a result, hundreds of cinder block homes were built in neighborhoods near the entrance of the Guatemala City garbage dump, improving living conditions and overall health for the community.

Since those first homes were built, Bill and Karen’s support for International Samaritan has been unwavering. Bill and Karen served as founding board members since 1994. Karen and Bill have generously supported construction projects to build the Santa Clara Nursery, giving mothers who work in the dump a safe, clean facility for their infant to preschool-aged children to receive care and nutrition as well as a Montessori education. In addition, Karen and Bill have supported dozens of scholarships for deserving children living in garbage dump communities across Central America and the Precious Angel’s Nursery in El Savador. International Samaritan is forever grateful for Bill’s friendship, support, and care for thousands of those living in garbage dump poverty.