We are very pleased to report that we were able to rebuild a section of wall around the Republic of Mexico Primary School in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, which was destroyed after a heavy rain in mid-June. The collapsed wall endangered the 480 children who attend the school, as it became evident that additional sections of the wall were unstable and the children’s playground was at risk in the event of further collapse. Thank you for partnering with us to make this happen. On Sunday, June 18, 2017, a heavy rain destroyed 23 meters (about 75 feet) of walls surrounding the International Samaritan Primary School in San Pedru Sula, Honduras. The school has 480 students from 1st to 6th grade and is supported by International Samaritan, which has built and helped maintain two classrooms there.   The section that was destroyed was from a perimeter wall of the school that ensures safety for the students. Weeks of heavy rain had weakened the wall and it collapsed on a Sunday. Fortunately, no students were present and no one was injured. 
Another part of the walls surrounding the International Samaritan School collapsed due to heavy rain.
The wall provides security for the school and its students and there is further concern that other sections of the wall may collapse, putting these students in danger as they play in the school yard. That is why we are asking for your help to fund the repairs and reconstruction of the wall quickly so that no students are injured and the school is once again a secure location. Please help us by donating to rebuild the damaged portions of the walls surrounding this school. While we are celebrating that one problematic area of the wall was repaired, unfortunately, we have to report that another section, approximately twice the size of the first one, has also collapsed in a subsequent storm. On August 3rd, severe rain and flooding destroyed a section of the wall that was 46 meters (about 150 feet) in length, though thankfully the section that was recently repaired emerged from the storm untouched. We need your help again to rebuild further sections of the school wall so that all of it can be as strong and safe for the children as the section that was already rebuilt. Please donate today to ensure that this school will again be a safe place for its children to play.
August 2, 2017, International Samaritan School students standing next to the wall that was rebuilt