Five years after the Step by Step Scholarship Program

Francisco Alexander Baltazar Francisco graduated from the Step by Step scholarship program in 2012 with dreams of becoming an engineer. Now 23 years old, he works for Indy Motos Guatemala. He is also taking classes to become an industrial engineer and was even the first member of his family to buy a car. Francisco credits the Step by Step scholarship and the program director for his success. The program director helped him realize that his family, his classmates, and the family and friends of International Samaritan were all supporting him, and he took full advantage of this incredible opportunity to earn an education.

Francisco continues to set goals for himself in pursuit of becoming “better every day.” He said, “with the support of the scholarship, there is another path for my life.” Francisco now has a job, an opportunity to go to college, and a car, instead of a life spent working in the garbage dump.

Though he says he does not have a role model from his family, he is blazing his own trail and has a strong desire to better himself and his family for the future. “I want to thank God, my family, the people who work at International Samaritan, and the donors because I have achieved my dreams and I am going for more.” We are proud to see him becoming a role model for others.
International Samaritan is grateful to partner with supporters to ensure that former students like Francisco have the financial and social support to pursue their dreams through education.