In 2007, International Samaritan worked in partnership with the University of Central America’s Institute of Pubilc Opinion and research consultant Ken Coleman to better determine the most urgent and pressing needs of children and families being served in Guatemala. The overwhelming majority of respondents to the survey indicated they wanted access to education after the sixth grade. The Step by Step scholarship program was officially implemented to give opportunities for graduates of the elementary school to continue their education.
The Step by Step Scholarship Program’s mission empowers children of garbage dump families to change the reality of their communities. Each recipient is funded an average of $2,500 each year which includes school tuition, books, school supplies, academic support, food, and transportation. We are very proud of our scholarship recipients who work hard to overcome obstacles and continue to dream for themselves, their families, and their communities. AN increasing number of students are applying for scholarships and are waiting to be sponsored. Your partnership in the Step by Step Scholarship Program will change their lives, and we thank you for your support.