Dear friends,
“Education is an investment in the future”
Education is the most important resource we can give to the children of garbage dump communities. As an example, average Guatemalan children attend only four years of schooling and just 3 out of 10 students graduate from the sixth grade. The Guatemalan educational system reportedly provides for only 20 percent of the country’s children.
Research from the Foundation for Economic and Social Development in Central America shows that for each additional year a child attends school, their earning potential increases, 6.3% for boys and 5.7% for girls. Education also increases the level of social harmony in the community while reducing malnutrition and crime rates. We can’t afford not to send these children to school; an education can be the difference between a short, difficult life or one marked by years of better health and greater prosperity. Programs like Step by Step Scholarship help students increase their own potential, as well as that of their families and communities.
You will note stories of Step by Step students on page 5. To help more children receive an education for a better life away from the dump, we aim to enroll 100 new students by the end of 2017. With your generous support, we will reach this ambitious goal.
Today, I pray that you will stop and change a life. Simply go to and give generously to our educational programs. The return on your investment to educate others will be exceptional.
Many blessings,
Oscar Dussan
International Samraritan