Friends of International Samaritan,
As we continue through the summer, which is the busiest time for our service immersion experiences, it is important to remember the reasons why we have so many volunteers partnering with us to serve the people living in garbage dump communities. We provide a great amount of assistance to the people we serve, whether it is through building homes, working in schools, or providing critical medical care. But, I believe, the greater impact is on the volunteers themselves.
They are invited to form relationships with the local people and to embrace these people as brothers and sisters. This experience takes our trips beyond a simple construction project and beyond a mere tourist trip. It becomes a vehicle of renewed perspectives and changed lives for our volunteers, giving them a broadened worldview and enabling them to live their lives with greater empathy and compassion.
Support from people like you helps make these changes happen, not only in lives of people we serve, but also in the lives of our volunteers.
Dan Piaskowski
International Service Coordinator