Ethiopia has a health workforce of 0.7 per 1000 population, which is low compared with the World Health Organization’s recommendation of 2.3 health workers per 1000 population. In rural and remote areas, 83% of the population is underserved by health workers. This is what motivated Minalush Ejigu, 19, to pursue her studies in Nursing.

In the Kore Garbage Dump Community, Ethiopia, Minalush grew up watching her mom wake up at early in the morning and come home late with a bag of sellable items. Despite their circumstances, her mother raised Minalush and supported her to have access to education. When Minalush passed her National School Exam, she was happy, yet worried, because she knew her mother was not in a position to pay her college tuition. This was when International Samaritan stepped in and offered her a scholarship to pursue her nursing degree.

With two and a half more years of study, Minalush says she feels confident that she will make an excellent nurse. Because of her enthusiasm for nursing, she is currently volunteering at a local clinic in Kore as an assistant nurse. She will be the first college graduate from her family, giving her and her family bright hope for the future. International Samaritan works closely with school staff to ensure that children like Minalush have the financial and social support to pursue their dreams through education.

The study so far has challenged me in every way possible — intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally; however, I see every challenge as a stepping stone to learn and equip myself with the skills needed to be a nurse.

– Minalush Ejigu, 19 years old