On December 29 between the Christmas and New Year holidays, a terrible fire engulfed the Zone 3 neighborhood on the edge of the Guatemala City garbage dump. Zone 3 is the location of International Samaritan’s programs in Guatemala City, including the Francisco Coll School, Santa María Básico School, Santa Clara Nursery and the Paso a Paso Scholarship Program. At least 30 homes have been destroyed and over 100 individuals displaced, many of them children.
Fire photo 1 (Prensa Libre)

Zone 3 residents watch as firefighters try to stop the flames. (Source: Prensa Libre)

We are heartbroken to learn that the family of Blanca, a student in our Paso a Paso Scholarship Program, is among those that have lost their homes and everything they own. Administrators at the Francisco Coll School and Paso a Paso, currently on winter vacation, are working to identify the names of other students whose families have been affected by the fire.

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(Source: El Periodico)
Now more than ever, families in Zone 3 need your help. While municipal and volunteer firefighters have stopped the flames, many of the garbage dump workers we serve now live with nothing and with no roof over their heads. International Samaritan is raising money for emergency assistance for the students and families currently suffering. Monetary donations are most effective and necessary at this time and can be made on the donation page of our website .
Thank you for your generosity and for keeping the Zone 3 community in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.