Dear Friends,
In Ethiopia, food security is in a very critical state due to a major drought affecting over 10 million people. Expected rains at the beginning of the year did not arrive, and the country is now entering into its dry season. Fortunately, for the lucky ones in our scholarship program, eating healthy, daily meals are a possibility through our nutrition program. For many others, this isn’t the case.
The International Samaritan scholarship and nutrition programs have made a very big difference in the lives of children. Now children do not go to bed hungry, mothers are able to prepare lunch boxes for their children to take to school, and none of the children in our programs are malnourished any longer.
Volunteers from around the United States are answering the call to serve just like the Good Samaritan was called to stop and save a life. Thank you to St. Michael the Archangel High School, Spring Hill College, Marian High School, St. Mary’s Student Parish, Aquinas College, University of Toledo Honors College, Marian Catholic High School, Regis Jesuit High School Boys Division, and to Ursuline High School for building homes, teaching English, volunteering at our schools and nurseries, and especially working in solidarity with the communities we serve.
With gratitude,
Andrew Pawuk
International Program Director