How Many Times

Dear Friends,
How many times have you gone to a movie theater to see a film?
This probably has occured more times than you can count. Kevin, a Step by Step graduate student living less than a mile from one of the biggest garbage dumps in Central America, was 20 years old the first time he entered a movie theater. He and I went to see the Disney film Inside Out, and here is what Kevin had to say about this experience:

Hi Oscar,
I hope everything is going well for you. I just wanted to send a not to thank you for inviting me to go to the movies with you. It was my first time watching a movie at a movie theater. I will never forget that.
Thank you,

Kevin’s letter shows that we at International Samaritan are different. And when I say “we”, I mean you, our volunteers, and the staff who work for our organization. We build relationships with the people we serve. We care about each individual. We accompany them on the journey to an education and, then, stay with them as long as they allow us. They are not just numbers or “impact statistics” to us. They are movie-going buddies, friends, students, and teachers.
The next time you go to the movies, please remember that the 20 dollars you spend on the ticket, popcorn, and soda is 10 times what Kevin would make in an entire day sorting trash from the garbage dump. Would you consider donating 20 dollars to support another student, like Kevin, on his or her journey to an education?
How many times have you donated?
I hope you have donated more times than Kevin has been to the movies.
Many blessings,
Oscar Dussán – President