Sponsor a Child

In San Pedro Sula, Honduras, children used to attend school outside and had to carry their own chair home. After the construction of the IS school in 2009, children now have a safe place to attend school (and they do not have to bring their own chairs).

In the news, you may have heard about the ongoing violence in Honduras. Last year, we reported on the large influx of Central American children entering the US because of the terrible conditions in their communities. Though the number of children entering the US has decreased since 2014, the issue of violence in Honduras has remained the same.
One way to combat this violence is to alleviate the conditions of poverty that promote it. Although we recently have not sent volunteers to Honduras, we are still present, helping to create safe communities.
Our greatest need in Honduras is providing hope through education for the youth of El Ocotillo. The Paso a Paso Scholarship program in Guatemala is an overwhelming success and graduates of our program now have dignified jobs there. We want to do the same in Honduras. Twenty students have been identified in El Ocotillo who meet the requirements for a scholarship through International Samaritan: economic need, a history of recycling within their family, and proven academic success in elementary and middle school.
Each Paso a Paso Scholarship in Honduras costs $2,000 a year ($167 per month) and includes tuition, transportation to and from the city, school supplies, an academic tutor and support, nutritious food, and dental, medical, and vision care. We invite you to read these students’ stories and be the difference that will change the outcomes for these Honduran teenagers.