Scoring Opportunities in Guatemala City

In the heat of the game at the final tournament, Victoria (with the white socks) pushes herself to score for her team.

Victoria Lopez has always loved playing soccer, or “football,” as she would call it. As a little girl, she would play with soccer balls made of rags bound with twine. If she was lucky, her father, Don Juan Lopez, would find used soccer balls from the garbage dump and bring them home for her to use.
While she was attending the Francisco Coll School, Victoria participated in the “Saints” soccer program offered through International Samaritan.
Due to her soccer talent, combined with her education, she was awarded a scholarship to attend an elite academy in Guatemala City. Victoria was chosen to play on the Junior Girl’s National Team at the Sports Academy of Guatemala City. Eventually, Victoria will join the National Women’s Soccer Team representing Guatemala in an international soccer tournament.
Her father, Don Juan, says that his children’s education through International Samaritan’s schools will sustain them far into the future. Victoria is one shining example.