Economic Independence

Thirty mothers of International Samaritan scholarship students have joined forces to earn income for their families by farming kale in addition to collecting recyclable materials from the Kore garbage dump in Ethiopia. They have become entrepreneurs with the hope of becoming independent from Kore. Because their children receive financial support from our programs to attend school, they no longer need to teach their children at home. This means they have more time for endeavors that contribute to their personal well-being, as well as that of their families and their community. Having organized themselves into a group, they now focus on education, income generation, health, sanitation, and community peace-keeping.
One important initiative of these mothers, which eventually earned them the land to cultivate kale, is their adult literacy program. Six literate women in this group hold five classes a week to teach the others reading, writing, and basic math. The local government recognized this initiative as a model for development in the Kore area and rewarded the group with the land on which they now farm. To mark this accomplishment, the women organized a celebratory coffee ceremony, inviting IS Ethiopia Program Coordinator, Selam Terefe and government officials to join them.
What is next for these women as they strive for greater independence? In the future, they plan to operate a mill house. Though possible, this venture will require financial assistance from local and international organizations, as well as donors. Please, help them achieve independence to lead dignified lives away from the Kore garbage dump. Make your donation to International Samaritan today.