Janitsa´s house (8)

Dear Readers,

Looking into the eyes of Janixa Bonilla, I could not help feeling her despair.  Thunderstorms pounded her neighborhood in Granada, Nicaragua the previous night. Rainwater continuously filled her family’s cardboard house and dirt floor with two feet of water.  Her tired, dejected face looked for solace and support when she explained how she spent the entire night sweeping water out of her home and filling buckets with the flood waters. 

Janixa still has hope. She dreams of having a home that is free of water. International Samaritan is leading an initiative to build homes for mothers like her. With the help of donors and volunteers, we are constructing houses for mothers working in the garbage dump.

We are grateful for any donation, large or small, to make Janixa’s house a dream come true for her and her children.

In Service,

Andrew Pawuk | International Program Director

To donate or for more information on volunteer opportunities, contact International Samaritan at info@intsam.org or (734) 222-0701.