Campus Chapter Program

After partnering with the La Joya community in Granada, Nicaragua, for one week, students from the University of Michigan and St. Mary’s Student Parish have decided to continue that partnership permanently from right here in Michigan.

The St. Mary’s students returned from Granada in March and were eager to put their skills, connections, and service experience to work with International Samaritan. They met with Emily Syal, Development Coordinator, on the University of Michigan campus to talk about how they could help to further International Samaritan’s mission and goals. In that meeting room full of excited thoughts, ideas, and memories about their service experience (and cookies), the International Samaritan Campus Chapters program was born.

“This past March, we traveled to Granada, Nicaragua with St. Mary’s Student Parish and fell in love with the mission of International Samaritan. We were so compelled by this experience that we felt we had to continue involvement with your organization.”
– Haley Goeckel

The Campus Chapters program is a new initiative at International Samaritan which will provide the opportunity for service volunteers to stay connected with the people and communities they met during their service week abroad. The University of Michigan will be the first ever institution to have an International Samaritan Campus Chapter. A special thank you, Ashlynne Basile, Meri Bobber, Candace Brecht, Haley Goeckel, Mackenzie Kaiser, Chandler Missig, Michael Olsen, and Bret Patterson for getting this initiative started. We look forward to you working with us.
If you are interested in starting a Campus Chapter at your school or university, please contact Emily Syal at for more details. Your connections with the communities you worked with do not break once you set foot back into the United States. Your work has only begun.