Photo: St. Anne's Hospital Serves Nicaragua

At times, the heavy heat weighed on the medical volunteers from St. Anne’s Parish; but they pushed through, and on April 1, 2o15, they were shocked at their own impact.

“[We] served almost 200 people today!”, remarked Maria Chase, a St. Anne’s volunteer. The day had been intense, but after all their hard, work the volunteers still managed to give the local soccer players a run for their money.

On a Mission

In April 2015, St. Anne’s Parish traveled to Nicaragua on a medical mission and devoted themselves to hundreds of people severely needing medical attention. During the service-learning immersion experience, volunteers not only met those they were serving face-to-face at the medical stations, but where they worked and lived.
Jeremy Hepker, a St. Anne’s volunteer said, “We took a quick detour through the dump today and met a woman, mother of ten beautiful, happy children. The children were so happy, even barefoot, walking through mountains of trashThe work that I have done today in Nicaragua has really opened my eyes to a whole different world. Everyone I have encountered is genuinely happy and thankful for everything and anything that we do here,” he continued.
Volunteers befriended the local people and found similarities that people of all backgrounds share. As Maria Chase, another St. Anne’s volunteer put it, “I met a girl that is around my age and we connected quickly. She is just like me but with completely different circumstances. We like the same movies, music, and have a lot more in common than I thought.”

An Experience Shared by All

A report recently released by our own Research Consultant, Kenneth Coleman, explains the benefits and life-changing impacts left on volunteers. Through a series of interviews, Coleman found that not only do the service-learning immersion experiences change the lives of those served, but also the lives of our volunteers.
International Samaritan is blessed with the numerous volunteers who answer the call to serve God’s children. Indeed, our efforts only succeed through the support from our members and from those who travel the distance to serve. If you or someone you know might be interested in joining our cause and experiencing a life-changing a service learning immersion trip, read our service immersion guide.
As for St. Anne’s Parish, we cannot thank you enough for your participation and we hope that your experiences will last a lifetime.