A Letter from Father

Sometimes, it comes as a whisper, and sometimes as a holler. We may not be prepared to hear it; however, we must always be open to God’s calling.

I have found the face of Christ in the poor, even before I joined the Jesuits, and have been called to those existing in the margins of society: urban prostitutes; disadvantaged, young, intelligent men; and families scavenging to survive in garbage dumps.
Ecclesiastes reminds us there is a time for everything. Twenty-one years ago, students from St. John’s Jesuit High School led me to a current calling that has continued to grow over the years. Now, International Samaritan is in the midst of an exciting transition. Oscar Dussan, a longstanding, dedicated member of our team, has been named President by our Board of Directors. I will continue as Founder and member of the Board of Directors.
In my transition, I have not stepped into the background; rather, I continue working daily to further our mission. Know that the International Samaritan staff and I can accomplish nothing without your generosity to those in need.
I look forward to working with you to follow our calling to serve the poor.
In the Lord,
Father Don Vettese, S.J.