Four teenage boys sit at the kitchen table anxiously studying for their mathematics exam the next day. One of those boys is José Potoy.
After receiving help from Regis Jesuit High School Girls Division and International Samaritan, the Potoy family is grateful for the benefits that come from owning their own home – one that is safe and dry, and is spacious enough to accommodate their family comfortably.
One year ago, this would have never happened in the conditions of José’s old house,” remarked International Program Director, Andrew Pawuk. “Now all of my friends come to my house to study, because there is enough room for everyone in the new house.” says José.
“A year ago, José’s mother dreamed of having a house, a place where they could sleep without having to worry about whether or not it would rain. Now the family’s standard of living has drastically improved. The dirt floors have been covered with concrete, plastic tarps with holes have been replaced with a roof, cardboard and stick walls are now made of brick, and wooden doors separate rooms rather than curtains,” remarked Andrew.
Not only have the physical infrastructure of the home improved, but so have the childrens’ grades. With a confident smile, José proudly reports that he is able to study hard and earns mostly “A”s. His dream of living in a home realized, José can now think clearly about his future. Safe in his bed at night in his new bedroom, he dreams of graduating and going on to study at a technical school.