This fall 2014, we’ve told the stories of the dedication of a few of our donors, volunteers, and teachers.
In truth, International Samaritan simply couldn’t exist without the passionate and dedicated service of so many others as well, but one thing that sets these particular individuals apart is their ability to lead and inspire good work in others.
There is an often-quoted line by Margaret Mead that reads, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Those thoughtful concerned citizens are our Bart Thompsons and Dan Kennedys, and our Mauricio Wilfredo Herrera Grijalvas.
They are the people who see the suffering of others in the world, and they know they have the ability to make a difference. Their faith in their purpose is so inspirational that others naturally follow.
I was touched by something Bart said in response to a question about what he tells others about his volunteer service, and I believe it’s this attitude that makes our volunteers and teachers such great leaders. He says, “When you hear, ‘It is in giving that we receive,’ it’s true and it’s real. I feel the most fulfilled when I am helping others, serving the needs of others.”
The experience leaves an indelible mark on you, and I promise that if you truly commit and approach the opportunity with an open heart, you will come away feeling like you were given more than the people you gave too.”
In the Lord,
Father Don Vettese, S.J.