Dear Readers,

The care and compassion of our volunteers is truly unforgettable. Claudia Dietrich, a friend and supporter of International Samaritan’s good works, spent her summer visiting family and relatives in Honduras. She  wanted to see our programs in action and to meet the children we serve, so she and her family sponsored a memorable day in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, at the San Ignacio de Loyola Nursery.
notes2_webThrough Claudia’s generosity, she purchased enough food and drink to serve over 150 meals to the children and families living next to the garbage dump. She went above and beyond by making sure each and every child would eat a meal, enjoy a piece of cake, have a swing at a piñata, and take candy home after the party. The Dietrich family’s support for International Samaritan programs make a big difference in the lives of the children, and we invite you to action to make a donation.
This November, seventeen doctors, dentists, nurses, and volunteers will led a medical brigade serving those living in the garbage dump of Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua.
The Medical and Dental Brigade finished their last day in Managua, Nicaragua on November 23, 2014 treating more than 300 people. In spite of tremendous heat and crowds our volunteers gave everything they had left on their last day of service. In all, the brigade was able to give aid to a total of 1,272 men, women, and children living in impoverished communities.
Would you consider helping to make a difference? Any donation, large or small will be used to remove intestinal parasites from children with stomach pains and malnourishment, to help a child breath easier with nebulizer breathing treatments, or to provide a young child relief from their toothache by filling or extracting a decayed or abscessed tooth.

If you believe children should live healthy and pain-free lives, please donate to our cause and thank you for your support.