Nicaragua children in dump

Look at them with your eyes
What do you see?
Helpless people,
With dirty hands and dirty feet.
They have nowhere to go,
They have no one to be.
They spend their time working,
They don’t have time for dreaming.
But without dreams,
Life loses some of its meaning.
The clothes on their bodies
Are dirty and full of sweat,
Dogs surround their homes,
Yet they are nothing like a house pet.
These people live in a place where
Love seems to be lost,
All they do is work
Until complete and utter exhaust.
The little girls are mothers,
Taking care of everyone else,
Having no time to create their individual self.
Now look at them with your heart,
What do you see?
Beautiful people
With helping hands and working feet.
Their smiles are pure
Their intentions are full of love
They are people made perfectly
From our Lord above.
In fact, they help us more than
We help them,
They teach us lessons that cannot be written with a pen
They teach us to love and never turn our back,
That love is the one thing you should never lack.
Do not look only with your eyes all the time,
For the heart sees the things in life that truly shine.
These people don’t need us to change the world they live in,
They need us to change the stereotype and disrespect that they are given.
Written by Marina Brunner as a prayer for the final reflection on the last day

Marina Brunner is a student at Regis Jesuit Girls Division in Aurora, CO – visiting Granada, Nicaragua